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While insiders worry that Khloe Kardashian may ban her family from criticizing Tristan on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe has her own worries.

Khloe apparently wants to marry Tristan, and it sounds like she hopes that the wedding ceremony will give them a total relationship do-over.

But Kim is doubling down on her objections. Is the Kardashian family headed for civil war?

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RadarOnline reports that Khloe is struggling to get her family to accept that she’s still wtih Tristan.

"She’s begged the family to get behind her and forgive him," the insider reveals of Khloe.

It sounds like those pleas haven’t been entirely effective.

Sure, she and Kendall might double-date, but some of her siblings are still horrified by Tristan’s humiliating cheating scandal.

The source goes on to say that Khloe wants this "so they can have the wedding of their dreams."

In other words, she’s reportedly planning a huge wedding for some time in the future, and she will of course want all of her family involved.

Khloe reportedly wants to tie the knot "and start afresh as a family."

It sounds like she hopes that the build-up to such a wedding will wash away all past misdeeds and scandals.

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Khloe may not respect herself enough to kick Tristan to the curb, but her sister Kim is standing up for her.

Kim, the insider reveals, "is flat-out refusing to give her blessing."

That’s no surprise, given that Kim doesn’t even want to see Tristan on Instagram — the two have unfollowed each other.

Kim has a degree of … intensity that not all of the Kardashian siblings share.

It sounds like she objects to Tristan with the same tenacity with which she continues to defend Kanye West’s awful behavior.

The source says that Kim isn’t backing down, "and there’s every chance she’ll lead a major family boycott of the nuptials."

Kim and Khloe’s reported disagreement sounds like it could split this family in two. Wow.

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Of course, Khloe has to know that there are alternatives to a huge family wedding.

"Khloe talks about eloping," the source reveals, which explains why we heard about Khloe wanting to elope with Tristan last month.

Sometimes, when your dream wedding doesn’t seem perfect, the best thing to do is scrap the idea and get married on your own terms.

Eloping may be on her mind, the insider says, "but in reality that’s the last thing she wants."

Khloe’s dreams of a perfect relationship may have been dashed when Tristan’s penis went on tour, but it’s said that she’s clinging extra hard to a perfect wedding to make it right.

As we said, it sounds like she’s really seeing this wedding as something that could clean the slate.

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Quite frankly, it doesn’t sound like Khloe eloping is likely to happen at all.

"She’s desperate for a splashy, romantic affair with her sisters as bridesmaids," the insider reveals.

As important as her family is to her, it sounds like she also has some other priotieis.

She wants her siblings there, the source says, "and a lucrative TV deal wouldn’t be bad, either."

No it would not. And though the Kardashians have been dominating the reality television scene for over a decade, that kind of affair would still get plenty of viewers.

But Khloe worries that none of these dreams can come true.

The insider laments: "that’s all up in the air because of her family’s hatred of Tristan."

Kradling Khloe

The Kardashians always talk about how "the power of family is everything." Which is definitely true … if your family happens to include Kris Jenner.

But this kind of schism, so intense that it’s largely playing out behind the scenes (if they’re not using their conflicts to promote their brands, that’s when you know that things are bad), looks like a big deal.

Sometimes, relationships between friends or siblings can seem unbreakable … until one party gets obsessed with a man and loses all of her sense.

Has that happened to Khloe?

Kim may have no room to talk when it comes to her man’s bad behavior, but she has to know that a relationship with cheating this bad, this early can’t last forever.

She may be just waiting to say "I told you so."

But if any of Khloe’s loved ones really want her to give Tristan the boot, they may want to consider what good parents know.

Just give your support — if not approval — and act like the relationship doesn’t bother you. That way, Khloe will be less defensive about Tristan.

Lowering her guard may give her the clarity to see Tristan’s behavior for what it truly is.