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The whole world knows that Tristan Thompson cheated. And, despite reports that she was totally in denial about it, Khloe knows it, too.

But what everyone wants to know right now is … exactly how much of Tristan’s shameful cheating scandal is going to make it onto KUWTK?

The answer is complicated. Plenty of it will be filmed … but Khloe herself might keep some of those conversations from every being shown.

Khloe Kardashian with the Smooch

Khloe and Tristan are back in L.A. … and, despite everything, still together.

Since Khloe seems determined to sweep everything under the rug, a number of fans of her and of Keeping Up With The Kardashians are worried that she’ll try to bury the scandal on the show.

But a source tells Us Weekly that Tristan’s cheating will come up on KUWTK.

The insider assures: "They always discuss real life things on the show."

A huge part of the Kardashian brand is that they embrace (most) negative stories about them because they know that being part of the national conversation keeps their brand alive and growing.

"They’ve never ignored a topic," the source points out.

That’s … mostly true.

Tristan Thompson in Shades
Photo via Instagram

The source goes on to explain that the Kardashians will certainly discuss the subject on camera.

"It will definitely be brought up," the insider says. "But they don’t know how much."

By which they mean how much will actually survive the editing process and make it onto people’s screens.

"They can film hours about it," the source describes.

The insider then warns: "but in the end, Khloé is one of the executive producers."

That’s not just a fancy and somewhat vague title.

Khloe has veto power, the source cautions, "and will have final say on what actually makes air."

That’s a good power to have if you’re a reality star (and it’s also super rare for these folks).

But … it could mean that Khloe could offhandedly censor her family’s genuine reactions to the cheating scandal.

Khloe Kardashian on Insta
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Furthermore, another insider tells Us Weekly that Khloe has made assurances to her cheating baby daddy that his adventurous penis won’t take center stage on the show.

Specifically, she has reportedly promised him that his "cheating scandal won’t be a huge story line."

But that’s not enough for Tristan.

It’s reported that he has outrageously expressed dismay that it’s coming up at all.

"He doesn’t understand why it has to be addressed," the source describes. "But Khloe has said if it’s not dealt with on the show, questions will continue to linger."

Specifically, questions of how her family responded to the news.

True Thompson is Shy
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But also, Keeping Up With The Kardashians will give Khloe a position to speak her mind directly to fans about how she feels and how she responded.

"No one has heard from Khloe directly about what she felt or what she has gone through," the source points out.

Yep. We’ve heard lots of reports. The closest that Khloe has come has been to blast fans for giving her advice.

Khloe is very aware of this, the insider says, "and she pointed out to Tristan that she won’t do anything to hurt him by briefly discussing the cheating."

If Tristan thinks that Khloe discussing the fact that he cheated on her with multiple women while she was pregnant with their child will make her reconsider allowing him in her life, he should think again.

The source reports: "She has moved on from it."

For better or for worse.

A Khloe Kardashian Kiss
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Tristan’s cheating may come up on KUWTK, but Tristan himself is not slated to make an appearance, Us Weekly reports.

"Khloe could actually care less about whether or not he does," the source says.

Hey, just because she’s a reality star doesn’t mean that she’s interested in her boyfriend showing up on camera.

Especially, perhaps, given the circumstances.

The source explains that Khloe has other priorities: "She is focused on trying to rebuild the trust in the relationship."

And, of course, on raising their precious baby, True Thompson.