Kim Kardashian and Tristan Thompson: It's Over … on Instagram!

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Ever since Tristan Thompson was caught cheating, fans have been wondering when Khloe will leave him and take their baby back to L.A.

Her family's been wondering that, too. Some of them are already cutting ties with their sister's serial cheating baby daddy.

Kim is taking it to social media -- where she and Tristan have now publicly unfollowed each other.

Kim Kardashian Appears on Ellen Show

When it comes to celebrity disagreements, sometimes there are very public arguments and debates -- or even rants -- over social media.

But unfollowing is usually seen as as a last resort. Why? Because you're effectively saying that you don't even want to be associated or to see the other's face.

The Kardashians always talk about how they're all about family, so you know that Kim is angry when she unfollows her own niece's father.

But, as of this week, Kim has unfollowed Tristan on Instagram.

What's more, Tristan has also unfollowed Kim ... even though it's not like Kim is in the wrong, here. Perhaps he meant for it to be respectful of her boundaries, we don't know.

Tristan Thompson in Shades

During the first half of April, shocking footage surfaced, revealing that Tristan Thompson had been caught cheating on Khloe.

He has reportedly been dribbling in the courts of at least five other women -- and those are just the reports that have come out so far.

In addition to the fact that this was all apparently going on during Khloe's pregnancy, what made this story so especially explosive was the timing.

This news came out the day before Khloe went into labor.

Two days before their daughter, True Thompson, was born.

The timing of this mutual unfollowing, weeks after the story broke, doesn't seem to be a coincidence.

This was also the week when Kim finally broke her silence about Tristan.

Kim Kardashian in the Water

On Monday, Kim Kardashian spoke to Ellen about how f--ked up the Tristan situation is.

And while Kim seemed hesitant to go too much into detail, she admitted that things are not good.

"Like, I don’t even know how to describe it other than it’s just so f--ked up."

it sure is, Kim.

"We really were rooting for Khloe. And we still are."

Rooting for her to move back to Calabasas as soon as she gets the all-clear from the doctor to fly with her baby, most likely.

"She’s so strong and she’s doing the best she can. It’s a really sad situation all over."


Tristan Thompson Looks Dumb

Kim says that she's not going to give details.

"I kind of made this rule with my brother: if there’s a baby involved, I’m not going talk." 

Obviously, given everything that went down with her brother Rob, it's understandable that she'd have a policy when a relationship sours.

"I’m going to keep it cute and keep it classy and not talk too bad on [the parent]."

But it doesn't sound like she's going to stop anyone from saying exactly what they think of Tristan, either.

"I’m going to try not to say anything too negative because one day, True is going to see this."

That's smart. You don't know how things will turn out, and the internet is forever.

"And it’s just, you know, so messed up."

Kradling Khloe

It seems like Khloe herself is unsure of what to do.

When someone cheats, there are basically two approaches.

One, you break up. In this case, Khloe would have no trouble raising True on her own. She has virtually unlimited resources and she has a massive family support network.

Two, you don't break up, and you lord the cheating over them for the rest of your relationship. He handles every diaper, he goes to the door to get the take-out- he yields to your preferences for a restaurant.

Some wonder if Khloe is hesitant to dump Tristan because she has some lingering misgivings over Kris' divorce from her father, Robert Kardashian.

If so, she may want to consider that divorce is not traumatic for newborns, who don't even know what the sun is. True could grow up in a coparenting situation without feeling like she's missing out.

It sounds like this is what Kim and the rest of Khloe's family want for her. But ... what does Khloe want?

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