Kendra Wilkinson to Hank Baskett: Sorry For Ruining Your Life! I Just Need D--k!

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Earlier this week, Kendra Wilkinson live-tweeted (and ultimately deleted) some pretty explosive information about Hank Baskett.

She said that her estranged spouse recorded their conversations, blamed her for ending his NFL career, and blamed him for his own affair.

Wilkinson and Hank

Clearly caught up in a groundswell of emotion, Kendra later thought better of it, deleting those tweets and instead putting up a heartfelt apology.

And, surprisingly, she even admitted responsibility for one of those things that Baskett blames her for.

In some (yet again deleted) tweets, Kendra poured out her regrets by apologizing to her ex, writing:

"I want to apologize publicly to Hank."

One would assume that it was simply because she aired their dirty laundry, but there's a twist. She actually admits the following:

"I was the reason your football career ended."

Kendra Wilkinson in Hawaii

That is ... kind of a huge admission.

According to Kendra, Hank made this claim - which many believed to be outrageous - though he hasn't said it publicly.

But now she implies there may be truth to it, saying: "I regret doing that to u and i hope you learn to forgive me one day."

Honestly, given that the vast majority of football players endure massive, chronic brain trauma and other physical stresses ...

... we can't say for sure what role she allegedly played in his career decline, but she may have done him a favor.

Kendra and Hank, Back in the Day

But she doesn't point that out. There's a time and a place, and this isn't it. Instead, she tries to focus on the positives and turn the page:

"I loved u and was always your number one fan."

Kendra's self-reflection / tweeting continued:

"I was 24 when i got married. Now I'm 33."

(That's publicly available information, yes, but it's not always easy for a female celeb to admit that they're anything older than 29.)

"I made a lot of mistakes through those young years and im sorry for making u feel the way i did," she writes to Hank/her fans.

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Photograph

Well, we all know that Kendra can get a little ... intense

She's never held back, and certainly isn't now, writing: "All i ever wanted was family because i never had a solid one."

Viewers of Kendra on Top are all too aware of what Kendra's mom is like. Patti Wilkinson often does more harm than good.

While Patti may have had an impact during K-Dubs' formative years, she's not making excuses, telling Baskett:

"Me being immature was the reason i couldn't give u more."

Goodbye, Hank

The day before, as we said earlier, Kendra made a lot of headlines when she aired the couple's difficult communications.

"He's blaming me for his football career ending," she wrote. "He's blaming me for cheating on me while I was pregnant."

Hank allegedly hooked up with transgender model Ava London while Kendra was pregnant with their daughter, Alijah.

This was years ago, and it is difficult to imagine how Kendra is to blame for Hank getting a hand job from Ava London.

That's all in the past, though. She's looking ahead.

Kendra Wilkinson apology tweet

"I tried so hard. I did everything by the book and loved and i get s--t on," she said. "I'm so sorry for u all to feel awkward [right] now."

She explains, apologetically, to her followers that she had freaked out when Hank (allegedly) started recording their conversation.

"When i was being recorded i felt threatened."

But, in a non-deleted tweet, Kendra writes that she's moving on: "[I] am done tweeting about hank out of respect for my kids."

People don't think about this enough (though it's been mentioned during recent Southern Charm drama), but words do matter.

Especially to celebrity children.

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett and Hank Baskett

These kids will one day grow up and have unlimited internet access just like everyone else, and nothing truly gets deleted online.

A parent having a sex tape or whatever is just garden variety embarrassing. Seeing their parents feud ... that's something else.

It appears that she wants to set a positive tone going forward, saying of Baskett, "Love will always win and he’s a great guy..."

That sounds vague, like she just wanted to say something nice about Hank. Which, even if that's true, would be appreciated.

"We will all be fine after this hurdle is over," she adds.

Kendra Baskett, Hank Baskett

To be clear, we don't think that she's saying she and Hank will be back together. Just that public outbursts like this won't continue.

"Fine" can take a lot of forms, and so can families.

It's not easy for a duo to become best friends and great co-parents right off the bat. Sometimes amicable and "fine" is a solid first step.

Sometimes it's the only attainable one.

Kendra, being Kendra, also tweeted something of a very different nature, saying she might just be frustrated ... in more ways than one:

"I think i just need some dick."

Kendra Wilkinson dick tweet

That's not a surprising admission.

While not a lot of people would put it quite so bluntly, Kendra has openly described herself as "one horny-ass motherf--ker."

She had joked (we think) about wearing out the batteries on her personal sex toys (most electronic sex toys come with chargers these days).

Basically, if anyone's gonna come out and say they want some D, it's K-Dubs. Some individuals have higher than average sex drives.

She is one of them.

On top of all she's going through emotionally, Kendra likely feels like she's losing her mind when not having regular sex.

Just like how some people cannot handle missing lunch, Wilkinson probably wants to feel that physical connection. Bigly.

So in closing, let's just hope that Kendra, um, gets everything that she needs in the coming weeks, months and years.

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