Farrah Abraham: Having Mental Breakdown After Being Fired from Teen Mom OG?!

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As we just saw on Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham and MTV have severanced their relationship.

Basically, she was told that if she wanted to continue filming the show, she'd have to stop doing her webcam shows -- and it seems pretty clear now which career path she chose.

It's been a while since all this actually happened -- nearly five months -- but Farrah still has some pretty strong feelings about what happened.

And honestly, the girl does not seem well.

1. First Things First

First Things First
So let's kick this off by talking about the actual scene, which began with executive producer Morgan J. Freeman sitting down with Farrah to "look at just sort of how people are treated."

2. SO Compassionate

SO Compassionate
Morgan started to tell her that having "compassion and understanding" while filming was important, but she cut him off with "I am so compassionate. I am so understanding. I am working my ass off, just like everyone." And that last part may be true, but Farrah Abraham calling herself compassionate and understanding is really just so crazy.

3. Poor Kristen

Poor Kristen
The big issue here seemed to be Farrah's treatment of a specific producer, Kristen, who Farrah refused to work with. Morgan called her attitude "very challenging," to the point where "the amount of work that goes into keeping you happy with crew has bubbled up to a point that we have to figure out if we move forward."

4. "F--king Shoot Me"

"F--king Shoot Me"
She basically told him to just figure it out, and he responded by telling her that for some reason, out of all the moms on all the shows, she was "the only one that's a problem." To that, compassionate and understanding Farrah said "I'm sorry. F-cking shoot me for being who I am."

5. Difficult

He said that what she was was difficult, and she actually denied that with a straight face, because obviously there's no limit to her delusions. Hilariously, she added that she doesn't "need anymore drama."

6. The Next Issue

The Next Issue
But Farrah's terrible attitude wasn't the only problem -- Morgan also said that "there's been friction" concerning the "adult activities" she'd been promoting. Meaning, of course, those webcam shows she'd been doing.

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