Tori Roloff Finally Addresses Those Pesky Pregnancy Rumors

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Tori Roloff has already celebrated three birthdays this month:

Her own. Her husband's. And her son's.

However, Little People, Big World fans around the Internet have been wondering for weeks now whether a different sort of birthday is about to arrive in the near future.

Tori Roloff and Husband Zach

A literal day of birth, we mean.

As in: They want to know if Tori is pregnant again!

For reasons that sometimes seemed understandable and other times seemed like a major stretch, social media users have interpreted various Roloff photos of late to mean she's expecting.

In late April, for example, Tori lay on a blanket alongside son Jackson Kyle and placed her hands on her belly and... that was it.

Pregnancy speculation ran wild as a result of this photo.

Prior to that picture-uploading, Tori asked fellow mothers about the pain she experienced while breastfeeding.

And because this can be a sign that one has a child in one's womb, folks once again jumped to that hopeful conclusion.

And then there was the most outlandish basis of all for thinking Tori was pregnant for a second time, one we documented in the photo gallery below:

Still, it is true that Tori has made clear she wants to have more kids.

She cannot stop gushing over little Jackson; or over the amazing way in which husband Zach is a father.

Yes, Jackson only just turned a year old, meaning she would have gotten pregnant VERY soon after giving birth if she were already knocked up.

But crazier things have happened, right? Perhaps she wants her kids to be very close in age?

Perhaps she does... but not this close in age, Tori has finally made clear.

She just jumped on Instagram and acknowledged the chatter circulating about her belly.

Tori Roloff in Spring

Based on this photo alone, some people think Tori Roloff is pregnant.

In an Instagram Story clip of her son crawling across her lap, Tori takes note of her stomach, realizes some followers may think it's large for a very specific reason and says the following:

No I am not pregnant. That is just my burrito from yesterday. Kthanksbye.

Ah, well... okay then! That settles that debate!

As mentioned above, we'd be very surprised if Zach and Tori do not expand their family at some point.

But they are 27 years old and have an infant at home. What's the rush?

An Easter Celebration

Until she does have a second pregnancy announcement to make, Roloff is as content as possible to fawn over her son.

And we can't blame her: Jackson is SO very adorable!

"I love you so much bud," Tori wrote as part of a tribute to her son on his first birthday, adding:

"This year has gone by way too fast. You bring me such happiness and you have spoiled me as your mom."

Check out precious photos of Jackson below, but be warned:

We sort of adore this child and may have gotten carried away! There are LOTS of photos!

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