Jackson Roloff Turns One! What Can He Do Now?!?

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Jackson Roloff has made it, folks.

The precious first-born son of Tori and Zach Roloff turned one year old on May 11, 2018.

The adorable reality star has come a very long way since entering the world, as often chronicled by his parents on Instagram.

In this special case, Tori has shared a unique collage of Jackson photos (below), along with another detailed update on her son's impressive achievements.

What is Jackson up to these days?

Join us in wishing him a happy birthday as you scroll down to find out...

1. A Special Birthday Collection

A Special Birthday Collection
"12 months of watching you grow has been a gift that I will never be able to repay. Love you baby J! #babyjroloff," wrote Tori as a caption to this cool set of pictures.

2. The One-Year Photo!

The One-Year Photo!
"It was exactly one year ago today at 8:00am that this perfect 9 lb 1 oz 20.5 inch long baby entered our lives and changed it for the better," she added to open her latest update, including the timely caption with the picture above.

3. Continued a Very Proud Mother:

Continued a Very Proud Mother:
"This year has brought nothing but joy to our family and it’s all because of this guy right here. Taking this photo made me so emotional because it’s the last time I’ll set him down on this blanket to take his photo. The first of many things I have to let go of. My baby some how has turned into a little boy before our eyes and I have loved watching him grow. So here it goes. Our last monthly update!"

4. Update #1:

Update #1:
"Jackson’s personality has really taken shape this month. And by golly he is hilarious."

5. Update #2:

Update #2:
"He is pulling himself up on anything he can reach and is so close to taking his first steps."

6. Update #3

Update #3
"He loves his dad so much and yells at him from across the room if he isn’t paying attention." (Editor's Note: AWWWW!)

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