Tori Roloff: She HAS to Be Pregnant This Time, Okay?!?

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Another week, anotherĀ Tori Roloff pregnancy rumor.

Whether she intends to do so or not, the Little People, Big World has apparently made a habit out of sharing Instagram photos that prompt many followers to make assumptions about her womb.

Tori Roloff in Spring

The beloved TLC personality only just gave birth to her first child last May, yet fans have been asking for several weeks if she's expecting again.

Actually, that's not even accurate.

Fans have been stating, very matter-of-factly, that Roloff simply has to be pregnant again.

In January, for example, Tori said she loved to see husband Zach on the floor, playing with "kids."

She used the plural form of this word, leading many folks out there to speculate that a second child was on the way for this couple.

Black and White Love

A month after this caption was penned, Roloff asked her fellow mothers for advice because her nipples hurt while breastfeeding.

There could have been many reasons for this pain, but Internet users once again jumped straight to pregnancy.

Now, the rumors have started up for the third time.

In this new case, the chatter centers on the first image we've shared in this article.

It's a sweet and harmless snapshot of Tori lying on a blanket with son Jackson, right?

Roloffs on Easter

Yes. But it also features the reality star with her hands on her belly.

"Picnic snuggles. Anyone else ready for summer?! #zandtpartyofthree #babyjroloff," Roloff simply wrote as a caption this time around.

But it seems like many folks didn't even bother reading it.

They couldn't stop making presumptions based on the placement of Tori's hands.

"The way you had your hands, I thought you were announcing another baby Roloff," wrote hazel_eyes209 as a comment to the photo.

Zach and Tori Roloff at Dinner

"You would be great with a second baby," saidĀ a_y_j2001.

"You guys make the cutest babies please have another" urged ashley_nicole_mulcahy.

As you can see below, these people were not alone:

Roloff, meanwhile, may actually be aware of all this chatter.

She may be having some fun with it, too.

tr questions

Just over a week ago, Tori said that she'd love to "totally have a second kid."

And the thing is, we're sure she will!

She and Zach have talked about giving Jackson at least one sibling someday. We don't expect well have to wait that long.

We just wish social media participants wouldn't just to so many conclusions and put this kind of pressure on the stars.

After all, she's only 27. There's no rush. Also, it's their business and theirs alone, excited as we are about their lives.

When she's ready to announce a second pregnancy, she'll do exactly that; on her own terms, on her own time table.

Until then, let's all just enjoy her many adorable photos of little Jackson, along with this helpful and informative update:

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