The Bachelorette: Are Suitors There For the Wrong Reasons?!

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If you follow The Bachelorette Spoilers, you know a lot about this upcoming season already. But there's more to learn.

The entire Bachelor Nation is excited to watch Becca Kufrin seek revenge ... sorry, look for love.

Now that we're just four weeks from the new season, Chris Harrison is teasing some details. He also warns that some of Becca's suitors are there for the wrong reasons.

Becca Kufrin Laughs

Speaking to Us Weekly, Chris Harrison says that Becca Kufrin is a delight ... but warns the Bachelor Nation that some of her suitors aren't there for her.

But first, he talks about the leading lady.

"Becca’s doing great, Becca’s awesome."

That's great to hear.

"I can’t wait for everybody to see how much we all love her."

And, of course, he cannot wait for the Bachelor Nation to love Becca Kufrin as they do.

Sure, fans and viewers got to know Becca on Arie's season of The Bachelor, but it looks like she really stands out on her own season.

Becca Kufrin and a Rose

Harrison says that Becca has defied all expectations.

"She’s turned out to be even more than what we thought, in a Bachelorette."

That is really great to hear. And he expects her to transcend boundaries as she draws in her audience.

"I think everybody is going to relate to her -- men, women, they’re going to really relate and fall in love with her, as the guys are."

He continues to describe her.

Becca is, he says, "grateful, sweet, honest, and open."

She should make a stark contrast from her former fiance, then.

Becca Kufrin Hates on Arie

He says that she's won over more than just her suitors.

"The crew loves her, the producers love her …"

A lot of reality stars play for the cameras. It sounds like Becca is just as nice behind the scenes.

"It’s been a while since we’ve had somebody like that where everybody is just excited to be with her every day because she just makes it easy."

Is that some shade that he's throwing at past Bachelorettes? Uncalled for ... but we're not complaining.

"When one of our Bachelor or Bachelorettes are excited and they make it easy for all of us to go to work every day and travel the world."

Of course. You always 

"It’s just fun."

Rebecca Kufrin Pic

In addition to sweetness and light, Harrison also says that Becca is a "kick-ass woman."

But he's warning the Bachelor Nation that there will be disappointments in their future when it comes to Becca's suitors.

"Of course there are people there for the wrong reason."

Some may want to get famous, either to build their brand or to try to become the Bachelor.

But he says that Becca is exactly as she seems.

"That’s the good thing about Becca, she seems like this sweet, demure woman and she is."

And he says that as kind as she is, she's no pushover. (Which is probably why Arie dumped her, if Bekah Martinez is to be believed)

"She’s got a backbone, she can take care of her own."

Becca Kufrin Smells a Rose

Harrison does talk about a low point for this season -- the eliminations.

He teases that some of them are "gut-wrenching."

And he mentions that "families are involved." Interesting.

He says:

"I will say this: I think she definitely sympathizes with Arie more than she did about two months ago."

That is a rare struggle that every Bachelor and Bachelorette understands. And that perhaps only they understand.

"Once you get in their shoes you really start to understand."

We can't wait to see how this all plays out.

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