The Bachelorette Suitors: Meet Becca Kufrin's Men!

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The Bachelor ended with Becca Kufrin's heartbreak after the audience watched her brutal breakup just weeks after her proposal.

But now, she's starring on The Bachelorette. And, if you don't mind The Bachelorette spoilers, we have an early surprise for you:

A list of every single man identified who is set to appear on this upcoming season.

Will Becca be drawn to their winning personalities? Their handsome faces? Their impressive bodies? Their careers?

The Bachelor Nation is clearly rooting for her to find the happiness that she so richly deserves.

But there's no doubt that everyone's going to have an opinion on which suitor she should select.

Take a look and decide which man you think is the key to her happily ever after.

1. Lincoln Adim

Lincoln Adim
Lincoln Adim is 26 years old and lives in LA, though his accent comes from growing up in the UK. He has a degree in biological sciences, works as an executive for Oracle, and is serious about fitness. As you may have noticed.

2. Chase Vergason

Chase Vergason
Chase Vergason is a 27-year-old Florida Man with a degree in business management. He played baseball for the Gamecocks and is currently CFO at the real estate marketing firm of Vergason Sojourner & McWaters.

3. Ryan Peterson

Ryan Peterson
Ryan Peterson is a 27-year-old who is originally from Boston, currently lives in Manhattan, and has previously lived on a boat. He has a BS in business management and previously worked at a fertility agency. He's also worked as a landscape designer and contractor, but he's known for being a free spirit. Again, he lived on a boat.

4. Darius Feaster

Darius Feaster
Darius Feaster is a 27-year-old with an intensely impressive body. Yes, he played football in college at the University of Wisconsin, where he graduated with a BA in Business Management. Now he's a sales rep for Allergan and lives in L.A.

5. Blake Horstmann

Blake Horstmann
Blake Horstmann is a 28-year-old sales rep for Coors. He has a degree in marketing and communications. The Bachelor Nation may know him best from his first impression -- when he showed up with a horse. Like ya do.

6. Jordan Kimball

Jordan Kimball
Jordan Kimball is a 25-year-old from Crystal River, Florida. He is also a model with Wilhelmina, as you may have noticed, since his looks stand out even among Bachelorette contestants. He holds a degree in accounting.

7. Clay Harbor

Clay Harbor
Clay Harbor is a 31-year-old football player. Currently a free agent with the NFL, he has played for the Eagles, Patriots, and Lions. He is from Illinois and played college football at Missouri State.

8. Nick Spetsas

Nick Spetsas
Nick Spetsas is a 28-year-old Florida man who works as an attorney for Eraclides, Gellman, Hall, Indek, Goodman, Waters & Traverso, a legal firm that deals with workers compensation. One of the three universities that he attended was also attended by Jen Saviano. He was briefly a swimmer. His ex-girlfriend is cheering him on as he competes on The Bachelorette.

9. John Graham

John Graham
John Graham is a 28-year-old software engineer from San Francisco. But don't let his highbrow occupation fool you -- the guy could just as easily be a full-time model.

10. Rickey Jasper II

Rickey Jasper II
Rickey Jasper is 27 years old and currently works as an online personal trainer out of San Diego. He has a degree in computer information systems but, as you may have guessed from his photo and current line of work, he is a bodybuilder.

11. Grant Vandevanter

Grant Vandevanter
Grant Vandevanter attended college for only one year before moving back home to Alamo. He works as an electrician and intends to move to San Francisco to become an electrical contractor. He had a friend who died in the Marines, and has taken numerous actions to honor his friend, from competing in a marathon to training for half a year for one boxing match.

12. Connor Jordan Obrochta

Connor Jordan Obrochta
Connor Jordan Obrochta is a fitness coach and hunky model from St. Petersburg, Florida.

13. David Ravitz

David Ravitz
David Ravitz is a 25-year-old from Denver with a degree in marketing. His parents own Ravitz Family Markets, which in turn owns 5 ShopRite grocery stores in New Jersey.

14. Kamil Nicalek

Kamil Nicalek
Kamil Nicalek is a 30-year-old social media participant from Monroe, New York. Though this model's social media is full of thirst traps, Becca mustered the willpower to send him home on the first day.

15. Chris Randone

Chris Randone
Chris Randone is a 29-year-old Florida man with a BS in health care administration. He is the CEO & Founder of Dominant Sales Training. Some fans note that he bears a striking resemblance to Danny Wood from New Kids on the Block.

16. Colton Underwood

Colton Underwood
Colton Underwood is a 26-year-old free agent tight end for the NFL. Despite his football career, he may be best known for publicly dating Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman after his video request to date her went viral, though the two broke up. He attended Illinois St. University and previously played for the Oakland Raiders.

17. Mike Renner

Mike Renner
Mike Renner is a 27-year-old sports analyst from Cincinnati. Though his photos to social media do not do it justice, Mike is a strong contender for the best hair in Becca's season.

18. Chris Staples

Chris Staples
Chris Staples is 31 years old. This former Harlem Globetrotter is an actor and a dunker -- and is lauded as being one of the best dunkers on the planet.

19. Joe Amabile

Joe Amabile
Joe Amabile is 31 years old and he is a grocery store owner from Chicago. Notably, he was sent home during the very first episode, leaving many fans scratching their heads.

20. Alex Templeman

Alex Templeman
Alex Templeman is a 31-year-old from Atlanta. He holds a degree in Science & Technology in Construction Management. He works in his field as a Project Manager for Greater Georgia Concrete LLC.

21. Garrett Yrigoyen

Garrett Yrigoyen
Garrett Yrigoyen previously played baseball for the University of Nevada, and currently works as a Surgical Technology consultant. It is worth noting that records indicate that either he or a man with his name in the same city was engaged in 2015. He is expected to be one to watch this season.

22. Leo Dottavio

Leo Dottavio
Leo Dottavio is a 31-year-old actor. He played baseball in college and holds a degree in business management. He also has his own IMDB page, leaving some to wonder if he's competing for love or for a career boost. His social media claims that he is 6-foot-4.

23. Jason Tartick

Jason Tartick
Jason Tartick is a 29-year-old Buffalo native who now lives in Seattle, where he works as a banker for Key Bank. He played soccer in college and then went on to get his MBA from the University of Rochester.

24. Jake Enyeart

Jake Enyeart
Jake Enyeart is a 29-year-old marketing consultant from Minneapolis. Unfortunately, he happens to actually know Becca, and she immediately recognized him and said that they'd met multiple times. She wasn't interested, and he was sent home in a huff in the first episode.

25. Wills Reid

Wills Reid
Wills Reid is a 29-year-old graphic designer from L.A. On his website, he hints that he'd be open to debating whether Star Trek or Star Wars is better, but does not express a preference.

26. Trent Jespersen

Trent Jespersen
Trent Jespersen is a 28-year-old realtor from Naples, Florida. He is also not ashamed to post the occasional thirst trap. Good for him.

27. Christian

Christian is a 28-year-old banker from San Diego. He is a soccor enthusiast with a likable backstory. Though he was a pre-season favorite, Becca sent him home on the premiere.

28. Jean Blanc

Jean Blanc
Jean Blanc is a 31-year-old colognoisseur from Pensacola, Florida. There are, yet again, a lot of contestants hailing from the Sunshine State.

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