Meghan Markle: In Danger Due to "Extreme" Wedding Diet!!!

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We hate to be the bearer of terrible news, but...

... there may not be a Royal Wedding on May 19.

Because there's trouble brewing between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry? Because the former's alleged issues with her family have caused the couple to rethink their plans?

Eyeing Harry

No and no.

It's because there may not be a bride with whom Harry can exchange vows on that date.

Not if Markle keeps crash dieting in the way outlined by Radar Online, which claims that Megan is simply wasting away at the moment.

Oh no!

According to a source who spoke to this website on the condition of anonymity because he or she likely does not exist, Markle has lost 23 pounds in just two weeks.

That's the sort of result that would make Kim Kardashian jealous, but it's also the sort of result that has Harry concerned.

It's just not normal; or, more importantly, it's just not healthy.

Meghan and the Prince

Says the aforementioned insider:

"The word is that [Meghan is] eating ice cubes to dull her appetite, and a private chef is preparing juices and low-calorie meals.

"She’s totally avoiding carbs and has cut out wine completely.”

This sounds both dangerous and very distasteful.

Ice cubes are fantastic for helping one cool down a drink, but they don't come close to representing a full meal. Or even an appetizer. Or a snack.

"Meghan is also working with a personal trailer, running and doing Yoga as often as she can," Radar writes.

Meghan Markle in Happy Shock

Can't she at the very least enjoy a cheat day on occasion? This is supposedly what Harry frequently asks his fiancee, bus she responds that any and all dietary cheating can wait until the honeymoon.

(In between sessions of boning, we guess. Ohhh yeeeah!)

Look, we can't imagine the pressure Markle is under these days.

She's about to get married in front of a global audience that could climb into the hundreds of millions.

It therefore makes sense that she wants to look her best and it even makes sense that she's been encouraging Harry to shed a few pounds.

The former Suits star certainly is not the first woman striving to drop some weight in time for her wedding.

Meghan Markle, Finace

But you need to be responsible in how you approach this task.

Previously, we had reported on Markle letting the nuptials pressure get to her by becoming somewhat of a bridezilla.

“Meghan’s driving everyone crazy with her diva demands,” an insider told Life & Style a few weeks back, adding of the bride-to-be:

“She’s a perfectionist, and she’s trying to control everything going on around her.”

That's fair. And it's not placing her health in any sort of danger.

Overall, though, it's pretty clear that Markle really needs to get this wedding over with, for the sake of her mental and physical health.

She needs to say "I Do," enjoy the reception and tha attention that follows -- and then jet off to that honeymoon to take advantage of the aforementioned eating and boning.

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