Meghan Markle is a Total Bridezilla: Report

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are getting married one month from today.

Sorry, let us try that again, this time with the proper level of enthusiasm one should muster for such an announcement:


Meghan and the Prince

That's better, don't you think?

But even though one month is a very small period of time until the Royal Wedding bells ring, those close to Markle reportedly think it's not small enough.

They wish the wedding were taking place tomorrow.

Because then they'd only have 24 hour left to deal what one source is describing as the ultimate Bridezilla.

Yes, this source is looking at you, Meghan Markle.

Meghan’s driving everyone crazy with her diva demands,” an insider tells Life & Style, adding of the bride-to-be:

“She’s a perfectionist, and she’s trying to control everything going on around her.”

Surprising Royal

This is the first time we've heard of Markle being described as basically anything other than kind, generous, loyal, lovely and loving.

Aside from those racist trolls who gave Meghan and Harry problems early on in their romance due to the former's mixed heritage, Markle has received nothing but positive reviews for over a year now.

Everyone seems to adore her!

But weddings do have a way of causing such stress and tension for those prominently involved that it's nearly impossible not to snap on occasion.

And those are just regular weddings; with, like 75 to 100 guests.

Markle and Harry will be getting married in front of thousands of people lining the London streets, as well as millions more watching from home.

Meghan Markle Says Hello

According to this tabloid source, the former Suits actress feels a lot of pressure to follow “the rules of royal etiquette” on her big day, but is also “worried about her family being on their best behavior.”

This last part is a bit unusual, however, because we're under the impression that almost no one from Markle's family is invited.

Just last week, Markle's controversial half-sister spoke out and complained about her lack of a wedding invite.

"Humanitarians move forward with love and kindness especially to Family," Samanha Grant Tweeted about her snub, attempting to shame Markle into extending the invite.

So far, though, it has failed to work.

Harry! And Megan!

It is expected that Markle's parents will be in attendance, with her mom actually walking her down the aisle instead of her dad.

This is because Thomas Markle is famously shy.

He and Meghan's mother split a long time ago and Thomas now lives a very quiet life in Mexico. Sources have told The Sun that he's afraid to face the "world’s glare" on May 19.

But face it he will, at least in some capacity.

Just like those complaining about Markle's recent behavior, we're guessing Thomas will be happy when the wedding day comes and then goes.

What about YOU?

Are you sick of all this Royal coverage?

Or do you wish there was even more of it?

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