Angel Parrish From My 600-lb Life: See Her Insane Transformation!

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Not every reality star gets a happy ending, and that is certainly true for those who appear on My 600-lb Life. Sometimes people concern fans with behavior that has nothing to do with their weight.

But sometimes, people really do dramatically transform their bodies. And that is clearly the case for 

She is absolutely unrecognizable.

Angel Parrish on My 600-lb Life

At her largest, Angel Parrish weighed 570 pounds.

Her backstory was heartbreaking, and not simply because of her size.

Angel revealed that she had begun to accumulate weight after having been forced to surrender her baby for adoption at the age of 14.

It seems clear that there is more in her youth than the emotional loss of her adoption that filled her with a deep and lingering sadness.

Like so many, she used food as a coping mechanism. Over time, and combined with genetic and environmental factors, she increased in size.

Angel Parrish at Full Size

Fans last saw or heard from Angel Parrish in 2016, but she remained in the thoughts of many.

She had dropped her weight all of the way down to 230 pounds thanks to weight loss surgery.

But she has spent years in silence on social media.

Now, however, she has reappeared in a single photo.

When we say that she is unrecognizable, we are not exaggerating.

Take a look:

Angel Parrish Dramatic Weight Loss

This is such a dramatic body transformation.

But we have to remember that, since we last saw her in 2016, Angel has had a lot of time to lose further weight and to adjust to her new figure.

Beyond that, the shock that fans may experience at seeing the photo -- a sort of mild mental whiplash -- comes from the total radio silence before this.

You don't always notice weight loss when you see it happening at an imperceptible rate every day or every week.

After two years, the difference is staggering.

We do not, however, know her new weight.

But if we were to guess, it sure seems that her weight is now below 230.

Congratulations are definitely in order.

Angel Parrish and Dr. Now

There is more to dramatic weight loss like this than simply undergoing surgery with Dr. Now.

(Dr. Nowzaradan has a clinic in Houston that is featured on My 600-lb Life)

Weight loss in this manner, when the volume of the stomach is artificially reduced to limit how much food can be consumed at a time, is only part of the equation.

And it is agonizing -- the human body excels at storing energy, and people who suddenly begin consuming less food on a daily basis feel as though they are starving.

Even with all of that, regulating what she eats and when she eats it, coupled with exercise, would also be vital for Angel to be a success story.

Judging from the new photo, we would guess that she also had some excess skin surgically removed. That is often necessary for people who have undergone massive weight loss.

Angel Parrish is Frustrated

Angel's dramatic reveal may put to shame even Amber Rachdi's insane transformation.

But it is not a competition, folks. This is about people who choose to change the shape and weight of their bodies getting the opportunity to do so with assistance and guidance and with the support of fans.

Not every story ends happily. Some have health complications from their initial weight or even their sudden weight loss.

Others have underlying problems that may have led to weight gain but continue to plague them even as they transform their bodies.

We are so glad to see that Angel is doing so well.

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