Ellen Pompeo Warns: The End of Grey's Anatomy is Near!

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Grey's Anatomy recently received some very welcome news:

The long-running ABC hit has been renewed for Season 15!

But that's not the whole story ...

Ellen Pompeo Close-Up

Ellen Pompeo, who has anchored the show since its inception in mid-2005, is now here with a bit of less welcoming news.

The 48-year-old lead cast member says Grey's Anatomy fans ought to enjoy each renewal as much as they can these days.

Not that they don't anyway, but ... there just might not be too many more renewals in the medical drama's future.

The day has to come sometime, right?

“We’re getting there," Pompeo tells Us Weekly of the oft-rumored, always-distant-seeming prospect of Grey's Anatomy ending for good.

Meredith is Listening

Referencing the series creator and longtime showrunner, Shonda Rhimes, the beloved actress continued:

"Shonda and I will make that decision together."

"I think that one of the biggest lessons that this show has taught me and being on this show for so long has taught me, is that relationships do change."

"And they do grow. They take work," Pompeo added.

"Like any marriage, friendship. You gotta put in the work."

Ellen Pompeo on Season 14

"You have to accept other people’s flaws," she says.

"You have to accept your own flaws and try to change and be a better person. But I think everything is worth the time and effort.

"And things get better.”

There's a lot to unpack in that sort of rambling response, isn't there? She manages to say so much, yet so little at the same time.

Almost like it's by design.

Overall, however, it shouldn't come as a major shock that Grey's Anatomy won't be on the air for another decade or anything.

Ellen Pompeo Thinks

Our best guess is that the series wraps up following Season 16, considering Pompeo recently signed a new, massive two-year contract.

That would take us through the spring of 2020.

Ellen inked that deal right as producers announced that veteran stars Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew will not return next season.

Fans reacted in dismay, although cast turnover as been a consistent aspect of Grey's Anatomy for years now.

Throughout the departures of Katherine Heigl, T.R. Knight, Isaiah Washington, Sandra Oh and Patrick Dempsey, the show has thrived.

Ellen Pompeo with Chris Ivery

“There is an end and it’s nearing," Pompeo admits, noting that this inevitable conclusion is coming in part because she needs a break.

She is married to Chris Ivery (above), and has a family at home with whom she'd love to spend more time.

“I want to be more involved in my kids’ lives as they get older," she said to the aforementioned tabloid.

"And they need me more, and this world is such a crazy place,"

What might Pompeo do when this amazing ride is over?

Ellen Pompeo Promo Pic

“I am really into producing, I love producing,” she said, “It’s like one problem after another, it’s problem-solving 101. It’s like a great experiment in problem-solving.

"Acting is … it’s a young girl’s game."

"You’ve gotta travel, you’ve gotta be away. [You’ve] gotta go here and work at night in the rain. I’m not saying I’ll never do it.

"If there’s an amazing opportunity I’m sure, of course I’ll do it.”

How will Grey's Anatomy actually end?

Ellen Pompeo on a Red Carpet

Pompeo hinted in the interview that she does have an idea, but she won't say.

Instead, she'll conclude by talking about the recent cast changes and how hard they have been on everyone, cast and crew included.

"We are a family and it’s super awkward."

"It’s not like films where you work for three months, and you’re not going to see the people, or you’ll see them at the junket and that’s it.

"We really are together, through births, through deaths. Every day, sickness and health..."

"[It’s] an odd family, that we’re thrown together with. So, when these things happen, there’s a lot of tumult," Ellen reflects.

"Inside, there’s chaos and feelings," she concludes.

"Sadness and anger, and it’s a lot to deal with."

Indeed. But what a wild ride it's been 'til the end.

Grey’s Anatomy airs on ABC Thursdays at 8/7c.

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