27 Top Grey's Anatomy Couples: RANKED!

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We've fallen in love with a lot of couples on Grey's Anatomy over the years, though most of them are no longer together.

In fact, you might have even forgotten some of these couples were once a thing.

We've ranked the top 27 couples (there are SO many) from Grey's Anatomy below. Find out which ones were our favorites!

27. Callie and Penny

Callie and Penny
Maybe in another time and place, we could have gotten on board with this relationship, but Callie's girlfriend turning out to be the doctor who couldn't save McDreamy? Too many issues there to begin with. Add to that the fact that Penny's decision to move to New York spawned a nasty custody battle between Callie and Arizona, and well, we just don't like it.

26. George and Izzie

George and Izzie
Ugh. George and Izzie's attempts at a romantic relationship were not only awkward, but also broke up George's marriage to Callie. They should have just stayed friends all along.

25. Derek and Rose

Derek and Rose
Rose was actually pretty okay, but she was just an obstacle for Derek and Meredith to finally be able to be together. You have to feel a little sorry for Rose, though she made it clear she was able to stand up for herself early on.

24. Jackson and Stephanie

Jackson and Stephanie
Jackson and Stephanie were cute together, but not exactly memorable. Especially since all we really wanted was for Jackson to finally be with April.

23. Alex and Ava

Alex and Ava
It was so nice to see this side of Alex -- the side that could be sweet, sensitive, and a caretaker. Unfortunately, his relationship with Ava / Rebecca was totally dysfunctional and ended in heartbreak.

22. George and Callie

George and Callie
Look, these two just weren't supposed to be together, and their rushed marriage was a trainwreck. That was only made worse when George cheated on Callie.

21. Alex and Lexie

Alex and Lexie
There's no denying these two were cute together, and it was kind of an inevitable pairing, but they were never going to work out.

20. Callie and Erica

Callie and Erica
Callie and Erica's relationship was a major turning point. Callie learned she was a lesbian, and she and Erica ventured into new territory together. Callie also seemed to gain some confidence, but their relationship didn't work out.

19. Jackson and Lexie

Jackson and Lexie
Really, no matter who you put either Jackson or Lexie with, they're probably going to be adorable together. These two were super cute.

18. Teddy and Owen

Teddy and Owen
Teddy and Owen were actually pretty perfect together, and they had a history together that no one else could really understand.

17. Meredith and McVet

Meredith and McVet
Honestly? Finn (aka McVet) was pretty perfect for Meredith. There was just one problem. He wasn't Derek.

16. Jo and Alex

Jo and Alex
Whether you're a hardcore shipper of Jolex or just tolerate their strained relationship, you can't deny that they are both adorable together and totally frustrating at the same time.

15. Derek and Addison

Derek and Addison
They had to give it one more try. The fact is that Derek and Addison really did love each other, and they had chemistry. But for Derek, no one would compare to Meredith Grey. And Addison needed to go some place with sunshine.

14. Teddy and Henry

Teddy and Henry

13. Maggie and Andrew

Maggie and Andrew
Two of the newest characters on Grey's Anatomy, Maggie and Andrew make for an adorable couple, but their relationship has the same struggles we've seen time and again on Grey's Anatomy.

12. Mark and Addison

Mark and Addison
It was Mark who Addison cheated on Derek with before they all ended up in Seattle, and it was easy to see how that might have happened. Mark and Addison probably could have never worked in the long run, but they had serious chemistry.

11. Richard and Catherine

Richard and Catherine
It freaked Jackson out when his mom started dating Richard Webber, but these two? They were meant for each other, and Catherine was just what Richard needed in his life. They're pretty darn adorable together, too.

10. Cristina and Burke

Cristina and Burke
Love can make a person do crazy things, and Cristina took some serious risks when it came to Preston Burke. It seemed to good to be true when their wedding day actually arrived, and well, it was. Burke left her at the altar, and all but disappeared until he came back later to offer Cristina a job.

9. Izzie and Denny Duquette

Izzie and Denny Duquette
Rip my heart out why don't you. Izzie and Denny were supposed to get their happily ever after, but Denny died shortly after Izzie agreed to marry him. This was one of those moments that us ugly crying like only Grey's Anatomy knows how to do.

8. Owen and Cristina

Owen and Cristina
It was heartbreaking when Owen and Cristina couldn't make it work, but they had different ideas about what they wanted their lives to be like.

7. Bailey and Ben

Bailey and Ben
Is there really any couple cuter together on Grey's Anatomy than Bailey and Ben? We didn't think so. They may have had a tough time there during Grey's Anatomy Season 12, but it seems they can work through anything together.

6. Owen and Amelia

Owen and Amelia
Not only do Owen and Amelia actually have a lot in common, but they also have incredible chemistry on screen. Let's hope these two get to be happy together for a while.

5. Izzie and Alex

Izzie and Alex
There are a lot of people who would put Izzie and Alex at the other end of this list rather than in the top five, but these two were supposed to have a better chance than they did. Plus that wedding? Time to grab a box of Kleenex.

4. Jackson and April

Jackson and April
Despite being pretty infuriating lately, we just want Jackson and April to have their happily ever after. I mean, what better way to start a relationship than as best friends? Let's hope the new baby will bring them back together once and for all.

3. Callie and Arizona

Callie and Arizona
Callie and Arizona have been through a lot (okay, so have most of the couples on Grey's Anatomy), but we really miss the days when they were actually together.

2. Mark and Lexie

Mark and Lexie
Their ending was tragic, and we may never get over it. Mark and Lexie were definitely one of the best couples on Grey's Anatomy.

1. Meredith and Derek

Meredith and Derek
No surprise here. Meredith and Derek were obviously going to be at the top of our list. And because Derek is gone now (RIP), there's nothing that can change the fact that their love story will always be the number one.

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