27 Top Grey's Anatomy Couples: RANKED!

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We've fallen in love with a lot of couples on Grey's Anatomy over the years, though most of them are no longer together.

In fact, you might have even forgotten some of these couples were once a thing.

We've ranked the top 27 couples (there are SO many) from Grey's Anatomy below. Find out which ones were our favorites!

27. Callie and Penny

Callie and Penny
Maybe in another time and place, we could have gotten on board with this relationship, but Callie's girlfriend turning out to be the doctor who couldn't save McDreamy? Too many issues there to begin with. Add to that the fact that Penny's decision to move to New York spawned a nasty custody battle between Callie and Arizona, and well, we just don't like it.

26. George and Izzie

George and Izzie
Ugh. George and Izzie's attempts at a romantic relationship were not only awkward, but also broke up George's marriage to Callie. They should have just stayed friends all along.

25. Derek and Rose

Derek and Rose
Rose was actually pretty okay, but she was just an obstacle for Derek and Meredith to finally be able to be together. You have to feel a little sorry for Rose, though she made it clear she was able to stand up for herself early on.

24. Jackson and Stephanie

Jackson and Stephanie
Jackson and Stephanie were cute together, but not exactly memorable. Especially since all we really wanted was for Jackson to finally be with April.

23. Alex and Ava

Alex and Ava
It was so nice to see this side of Alex -- the side that could be sweet, sensitive, and a caretaker. Unfortunately, his relationship with Ava / Rebecca was totally dysfunctional and ended in heartbreak.

22. George and Callie

George and Callie
Look, these two just weren't supposed to be together, and their rushed marriage was a trainwreck. That was only made worse when George cheated on Callie.

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