Abby Lee Miller: Is Her Cancer Terminal?

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Last week, Abby Lee Miller spoke out about her cancer diagnosis

Now, a report describes her response to being diagnosed with this fast-spreading lymphoma right after her release from prison.

She is apparently preparing herself for the worst. This is so sad.

Abby Lee Miller in Tears

RadarOnline's insider reports on how Abby Lee Miller is coping with her prognosis. And ... it almost sounds like she's given up.

Apparently, after being diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, the former Dance Moms star "been getting her business affairs in order."

"Abby Lee’s deciding who gets what in her will."

And some of her decisions may surprise you.

"She made a few friends in prison and she’d like to reward them."

That sounds incredibly generous of her. She's a millionaire, and even a small percentage of her wealth could transform multiple people's lives.

Naturally, no one wants for her to die. Least of all Miller herself.

"It’s a very sad, scary time for Abby Lee."

We would imagine so.

Abby Lee Miller, Hospital Selfie

More than anything, it sounds like Miller feels isolated. Probably from having just gotten out of prison and living in a halfway house.

"She’s never felt so alone!"

Illness and incarceration can be two of the most isolating experiences in the world. And Miller is experiencing them both, back-to-back.

"Abby Lee’s trying to stay strong but she can’t get through the day without crying."

That is sad, but more than understandable.

"She doesn’t seem to think there’s much hope."

We'll get into that at the moment. She should have hope.

"She’s strong, but not good." The insider describes her cancer, saying: "It’s bad and very aggressive."

Miller recently shared this graphic post-op photo of her back.

Abby Lee Miller Surgery Pic

"She is devastated because she has just been released, and now this."

it's not good timing.

"She feels cursed."

Okay, everybody who cursed her, take it back. You're not in trouble.

"From what I understand, she is getting her affairs in order."

As already mentioned, she's planning on leaving things to specific people.

"She has no family. Everything will go to her close inner circle."

It really sounds like she's giving in to despair.

"She doesn’t think she is going to make this."

Abby Lee Miller Weeps

In addition to of course worrying for Miller's life, one may be wondering how this will impact the remainder of her sentence -- which she is serving at a halfway house.

"Abby Lee’s medical situation may require her to stay in the hospital for at least another month."

However, the insider expects that she won't have to then go to the halfway house.

Miller "she will likely not have to make up the time."

Her release date from the halfway house was intended to be May 25.

It sounds like the penal system is expected to be understanding, given the circumstances.

"Being hospitalized with severe and aggressive cancer is far worse than having to eat bad food and hang out with newly released prisoners all day long."

It's not like being in a hospital is the same as running free.

Abby Lee Miller Screams

It is always sensible to have a plan in place for your estate, especially if you have a health concern.

But we hope that this will be unnecessary for Miller.

Burkitt lymphoma is more common in children, where the success rate for defeating the cancer is about 90%.

Abby Lee Miller is an adult, where this particular lymphoma is rarer and has a lower success rate, but to our knowledge, this isn't a death sentence.

Is this a fast-growing cancer? Yes. But fast-growing cancers are also generally faster to respond to chemo and radiation therapies.

She needs to focus on her recovery with an optimistic attitude. Giving in to despair against cancer is a recipe for defeat.

We hope that she makes a full, swift recovery.

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