Chelsea Houska Previews "Scary" Teen Mom 2 Season, Third Pregnancy

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Teen Mom 2?

For Chelsea Houska, it's more like:

Long-time Teen Mom cast member, about to take THREE.

Chelsea Houska with Son

Indeed, Houska announced in mid-March that she's pregnant with her third child, taking Instagram followers by surprise by writing the following about two months ago:

"A sweet baby girl will be joining the DeBoer clan in a few short months! We could not be more excited!"

Yup, we even know the gender of the newborn that will be joining daughter Aubree and son Watson in this family.

And we also know that Houska and DeBoer - who got married in October of 2016 welcomed little Waston just several weeks later in January - are expecting to become parents again in early September.

How is everyone feeling about the impending addition?

"Aubree is super excited," Chelsea tells E! News, adding:

"She wanted a girl this time so she is excited and she is so much help. But Watson, he has no idea."

Chelsea and Cole Picture

In anticipation of Monday night's Teen Mom 2 season premiere, Chelsea teased in this interview that viewers will go behind the scenes of her pregnancy journey.

They may even get to witness when Cole finds out the major news.

What great luck, huh?

That MTV cameras just happened to be around for this big reveal...

"We do a blood test, so I found out when he was working, so I got to tell him what the baby was on camera so that was exciting," Chelsea explains.

She then gushes in very adorable fashion over the love of her life:

"I know people always say their husbands are great or whatever but I think mine is the best. He's patient. He works all day and still comes home and helps me with what I need.

"He makes sure to get time in with the kids before bed. He's just a good guy all around."

Chelsea Houska and Family

That makes us very happy to hear.

As any loyal Teen Mom 2 fan knows very well, not every one of these cast members has had the best luck when it comes to men.

This is true for Chelsea herself, who is engaged in a custody battle with awful Adam Lind.

Overall, however, Chelsea is rarely a source of Teen Mom drama.

Her life is pretty stable and, to be honest, pretty darn awesome these days.

"You want to be open and honest because people are going through the same things that we're going through and it does kind of feel nice when other people can relate to it," she told E! of the whole filming experience.

"You want to be open but it's also scary. Even after nine years, it's definitely still scary."

Chelsea Houska Bump

She credits Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer for their support and affection and says she understands her kids may actually see her exploits on television someday.

Or read about her on some celebrity gossip site.

But she's made peace with this inevitability.

"I think Watson is going to be fine because he's seeing fun, family times. I think Aubree is going to be a little more difficult because she's going to see the relationship with her dad and she's going to have a lot of questions about our relationship and her relationship with him.

"We've always been open with each other.

"She is open with me and can talk to me so I just want to keep it that way so for when they do watch it, she feels comfortable and won't have any surprises."

Teen Mom 2 returns tonight and airs Monday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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