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Big news out of the world of Teen Mom 2 today!

Series star and perennial fan favorite Chelsea Houska has made an announcement that some fans have been anticipating for months:

Yes, Chelsea is pregnant with her third child.

And while she may have waited a while to make the announcement, Houska is now being surprisingly forthcoming with fans, even going so far as to share sonograms and news of the baby's gender on Instagram!

Here's everything we know so far about the upcoming addition to the Houska-DeBoer clan:

1. One Happy Family

One Happy Family
Chelsea shared the news with fans via a post on social media. Her caption left Houska-obsessives giddy with anticipation.


"GUESS WHAT!" Chelsea wrote. "A sweet baby girl will be joining the DeBoer clan in a few short months! We could not be more excited"

3. Proud Papa

Proud Papa
Chelsea's husband, Cole De Boer, also shared the pic on Instagram. He captioned it, "This proud dad is getting a new Bow and it’s nailed my heart @chelseahouska."

4. Baby Makes 5!

Baby Makes 5!
Chelsea and Cole already have one child together. And those who know the family best say Cole is like a father to Aubree, Chelsea's daughter from her previous relationship with Adam Lind.

5. Soon to Be a Big Brother

Soon to Be a Big Brother
Chelsea and Cole's son Watson turned 1 in January. Needless to say, the two youngest members of the DeBoer clan will be very close in age.

6. Chelsea Lately

Chelsea Lately
Despite the fact that she just welcomed a child last year, Chelsea revealed in an August episode of Teen Mom 2 that she was hoping to get pregnant again very soon.

7. Dear Watson

Dear Watson
"Doesn’t this give you baby fever? Doesn’t it?” Houska asked DeBoer as the two of them gazed at Watson adoringly.

8. Beautiful, Clean Cole

Beautiful, Clean Cole
“Do you think by next year we’ll have another one?” Houska asked Cole. “We’re going to have more when mom’s ready to have more,” her supportive husband replied.

9. Congrats From Kail!

Congrats From Kail!
“Welcome to the moms of 3 club @ChelseaHouska @TM2LeahDawn... So happy for my babies! @ChelseaHouska & cole & fam," Kailyn Lowry wrote on Twitter in response to her friend's news.

10. Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After
Chelsea and Cole married in October of 2016. They're by far the most stable couple in the Teen Mom franchise, and many fans of the show see the DeBoers as the embodiment of #RealtionshipGoals.

11. Tough Times

Tough Times
But Chelsea's life wasn't always smooth sailing. Prior to meeting the best baby daddy in TM history, she got knocked up by the very worst, Adam Lind.

12. Adam the Terrible

Adam the Terrible
These days, Adam is facing jail time, and he reportedly hasn't seen either of his daughters in months. He has no custody rights with regard to Aubree, but he is permitted to visit her in a supervised environment once a week. Sadly, he rarely avails himself of the opportunity.

13. Cole to the Rescue

Cole to the Rescue
That's where Cole comes in. DeBoer has reportedly stepped up to be the dad that Aubree never had. There's even been talk of Cole adopting Chelsea's daughter.

14. Joining the Club

Joining the Club
Chelsea will soon be the fourth member of the Teen Mom 2 cast to welcome a third child. Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry both gave birth to their third in 2017. Leah Messer made her trio of daughters complete in 2013.

15. Love From Leah

Love From Leah
Leah joined Kail in offering her congratulations to Chelsea with a heartfelt tweet.

16. Jealous Jenelle?

Jealous Jenelle?
Jenelle Evans, however, apparently has nothing to say to her longtime castmate. No surprise there, as Jenelle has reportedly always been envious of the close friendship between her co-stars.

17. Briana Drama

Briana Drama
These days, there's a fifth member of the TM2 cast, but Briana DeJesus also didn't have any congratulatory words for Chelsea. She did, however, tweet a link to a tabloid story about Houska's announcement.

18. Happy Houska

Happy Houska
But we're guessing Chelsea and her family aren't terribly concerned about the reaction from her co-stars. In fact, they're probably just focused on one simple task today...

19. Continuing to Be Awesome

Continuing to Be Awesome
The Houskas might be the happiest family in the world of reality TV. And they didn't get that way by obsessissing over the press or the opinions of others. So the best thing Chelsea and he clan can do now is stay the course, and continue proving to fans that happy endings are possible.

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