Amber Portwood: I'm in the Early Stages of Labor! I'm Ready!!

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Did you get a lot of well-deserved rest this weekend? Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood did not.

It looks like Amber's baby shower a few weeks ago was just in time.

She's revealed on Twitter that she is dilated. How long until she gives birth?

Amber Portwood with Baby Bump

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, Amber Portwood tweeted:

"Another nocturnal night with my uncomfortable preggy belly but it's all worth it!"

We know that it's tempting to laugh at a phrase like nocturnal night, but she just means that she can't sleep. She's super pregnant, you guys.

This is when she shares the big news.

"I'm 3 cm dilated and home waiting for labor!"


Amber Portwood early labor tweet

That's a huge deal! She then shares a rhetorical question with her followers.

"Wonder if I'll make it to my due date?"

Amber is due on May 13, which is next Sunday and just so happens to be Mother's Day.

Amber herself was born on Mother's Day in 1990.

The reality star hopes to remain in the thoughts of her fans and followers.

"Wish me luck loves! Goodnight."

She follows that with a "hugging face" emoji.

Amber Portwood, Topless and in Color

Now, hold your horses and don't cut that Congratulations Amber cake yet, folks.

We know that "she's dilated!" sounds exciting, but this is just one early sign of labor.

As she says, she is waiting to actually go into labor.

This is just an early labor sign, like a tremor before an earthquake. Or the water receding before a tsunami. Or hairs standing up on your arm before a lightning strike.

(Childbirth is amazing but it's also terrifying)

Amber Portwood Flaunts Major Cleavage

Amber's May 13 due date is looming, but she still might not make it to that day.

Her due date is significant because, as Amber reminds fans, it is right before her birthday on the 14.

Obviously, it's neat when you share a birthday with someone.

But for practical reasons, nobody wants to share a birthday with their parent.

You're supposed to get to pick where you go out for dinner on your birthday (bare minimum), and nobody wants to have to share that honor with someone else.

And then there are the logistics of Amber hosting her child's birthday party on the day of her own party. it's no fun.

Even one day of separation would make that easier. Better if it's several days.

Amber Portwood with Andrew Glennon

Since this tweet, Amber has continued to be moderately active on social media.

She threw a little shade over some recent Kailyn Lowry drama, she complimented a lot of photos of her fans as new mothers holding their babies, and she reminded people about multiple food recalls.

(Seriously, if you think that there's even a realistic chance that any food in your fridge might contain e. coli, please dump it. That deadly bacteria is no joke)

Hopefully, she (or someone acting on her behalf) will tweet when her water breaks and at other stages of labor and delivery.

In the mean time, her fans and followers and of course her family and loved ones continue to wait with anticipation for her to give birth to her child with Andrew Glennon.

We hope that Amber finds a way to get comfortable and sleep a little before she gives birth. She'll need the rest.

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