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Becca Kurfin isn’t just here to do the damn thing.( Or to give away The Bachelorette spoilers. Separate point, but had to be made.)

She’s also here to keep an open mind.

Becca Kufrin on the Premiere
Photo via ABC

On Monday night’s Season 14 premiere of The Bachelorette, Kufrin handed out her first impression rose to Garrett Yrigoyen.

She also swapped spit with this handsome husband candidate.

The day after this episode aired, however, fans did a spit take upon the release of screenshots from Garrett’s Instagram account.

They included the new reality star Liking memes that mocked Parkland shooting survivors, the transgender community, immigrants and other minority groups.

These screen captures were actually posted by Bachelor alum Ashley Spivey — and one photo, just as an example, featured Yrigoyen Liking was a meme posted by conservative clothing line Merica Supply Co.

It suggested that a thin woman wearing a “Make America Great Again” bathing suit was better than a curvier woman in all black.

YIKES, right?

Garrett also showed affection for a meme of two boys shooting guns with the caption: “What boys did in my day."

It was juxtaposed with a photo of boys wearing makeup with the caption: “What boys are doing today."

Learn more about this scandal below:

Where does Becca stand on this controversy?

What does she think of Garrett Yrigoyen?

Based on our revealing section of Bachelorette spoilers, she thinks VERY highly of him, which may be why she said the following to Entertainment Tonight after his Instagram history went viral:

"I want viewers to be open to everyone, and I want them to go through this season with me and watch my love story unfold with all of these men … because that’s how I went into this journey."

She added:

"I did things in the past that I’m sure wasn’t the best thing, but I just want people to stay open-minded to everyone."

That all sounds well and good.

But this isn’t the distant past. The Parkland shooting, in which 17 people lost their lives, took place in February.

Garrett Yrigoyen with Becca
Photo via ABC

Still, Kufrin continued in her interview with ET:

"I can’t fault on anyone for what they believe and who’s to say that anyone is truly what they believe in if they just double tap.

"I can’t speak to that because that’s just not me.

"I am a strong woman and I do believe in certain things, but again, that’s what’s so great about our country – everyone is entitled to their own opinions."

This is getting a little bit disappointing, Becca.

No one is saying Garrett ought to go to jail.

Of course he’s entitled to his opinions.

But when those opinions include the mocking of students who survived a school shooting? Perhaps he should be called out and judged for them.

Becca Kufrin and Her Rose
Photo via ABC

Kufrin did say she would have a heartfelt "discussion" about the beliefs of any man with whom she got serious.

She then told ET why she was attracted enough to Garrett to offer him her First Impression Rose:

"I liked that Garrett could be lighthearted and laugh about the future about being a dad and having the minivan.

"What I really liked was the fly fishing.

"It reminded me so much of home and it reminded me of my dad and I wanted to give [the first impression rose] to someone who really stuck out that night."

On that point, we can all agree:

Garrett Yrigoyen definitely stands out right now.