The Bachelorette Season Premiere Recap: Let's Do The Damn Thing!

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It's that time of year again, people!

The Bachelorette is officially back, baby (and The Bachelorette spoilers have already told us who wins, but that's another story)!

For real, do not follow the above link if you don't want to know how it plays out for Becca Kufrin and ... ooh, that was a close one.

Wooing Becca

Almost gave it away. Wowza.

Anyway, about Monday night ...

Whether you're a Bachelorette spoilers addicted fiend or opt to remain in suspense as to who Becca picks, this much is 100% clear:

1. She's smoking hot;

2. The guys love her;

3. It's gonna be bonkers this season as the runner-up from this winter's The Bachelor season is already driving the competition crazy.

If you watch The Bachelor online, you will already know that Becca has already had a shot at love on reality TV. She was romanced by Arie Luyendyk Jr. and was even engaged to him.   

But Arie had a change of heart, called off their engagement and started a relationship with runner-up Lauren Burnham. 

Becca Kufrin and a Rose

It was a horrible chain of events, but it was clear Becca rebounded quickly when she was announced as the new Bachelorette. In fact, it probably worked out better for her.   

When the episode kicked off, we learned that Becca was not about to let that loser Arie ruin her time in front of the reality TV cameras.   

“I'm just, like, your normal average girl,” she says. “All I did was get my heart broken on TV.”  

Becca was joined by former The Bachelorette women JoJo Fletcher, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Rachel Lindsay who had a grand old chat about the highs and lows of finding love on TV. 

“Please don't edit this out: fuck him,” Rachel said of Arie when she got some screen time, before proceeding to sage the mansion. 

Rachel Lindsay Red Carpet Photo

Oh yes, Rachel is holding nothing back, and that's why we loved her so much on her season. 

“As women, we do a better a job of it,” Jojo tells the camera when she is asked whether the women are better at picking the men.  

"Women are more intuitive. They know what they want," she continued. 

With the sheer amount of men emerging from the limousines at the lavish mansion, it was clear they were all trying to do their best to make a big first impression.   


FYI: Lindsay, Fletcher, and Bristowe all picked the same person who won the first impression rose to win the game, so they're kind of a big deal.   

There was a fake proposal, a cardboard cutout of Arie, and even a choir. Even after all these years, the men are really bringing it with the entrances.   

Our pick for the best first impression has got to be David. He emerged from the limo in a chicken suit and said the following:

“I’m not here to ruffle feathers.” 

chicken suit

If that's not a winning line, then we don't know what is.   

There was also one contestant who got sent home very early. The reason?

She knew him through friends back in Minnesota, and said that "honestly I don’t think he’s here for me.”  

If Becca wanted to prove anything, it was that she was not messing around this time ... and that's what made the rose ceremony, so fun to watch.   

Chris went out of his way early in the episode to say that Chase came on to the show for all of the wrong reasons.

Jake, 29

We don't know where Chris gets the right to speak to people he's known for a matter of hours like that, but he did.   

In any case, Becca actually agreed with Chris and sent Chase packing. If Chris was here to play a strategic game to take out all of the bigger players by planting seeds of doubt in Becca's mind, he succeeded.   

Kamil, Joe, Darius, Grant, and Christian were also given the pink slip, and that meant there were 21 people left in the competition for Becca's heart.   

As for who actually got the first impression rose, it went to Garrett, a 29-year-old who showed up at the mansion in a minivan.



Maybe he was trying to show Becca that he didn't need a limo to make an entrance. We're not so sure, but Becca seemed smitten with him.   

What did you think of the premiere?   

Did the right people go home? Is there a future for Becca and Garrett?  

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