The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 15 Recap: Worth

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The end of the war is fast approaching. 

That much became abundantly clear on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 15 as the final pieces were put in motion before the final battle kicked off. 

When the emotional episode kicked off, Rick had finally worked up the courage to read the letter from Carl. 

The kid wrote a lot about what life was like before the apocalypse, and how he would love if Rick and Negan put their feud aside. 

While Rick was against it, Carl's letter reiterated that nobody had to forget what Negan did. All they had to do was stop the fighting. 

When the action moved to the Sanctuary, Dwight and Simon were shocked to the core by the return of Negan. 

Negan had a meeting with them and revealed he knew the truth about Simon's act of betrayal by giving the kill order against the Heapsters. 

Rick on The Walking Dead Season 8

Just went it seemed like Simon's brains were about to become Lucille's next meal, Negan said that all was forgiven. 

Would Negan really let someone off the hook? It certainly seemed that way, but Simon continued to act out and coerced Dwight into joining in on his fight against Negan. 

Negan rounded his group up, and told them about his elaborate plan to take over the Hilltop and take out everyone who was against them. 

This gave Dwight his biggest lead yet to help Rick and Daryl know what was going on. Dwight sent Gregory off on a mission with a map to let them know the truth. 

Simon Being Set Up on The Walking Dead

Just when it seemed like Simon and Dwight's plan was going to be the one to save everyone, Negan appeared during a meeting with the pair, and we found out that Dwight had already told Negan about Simon's plan. 

Negan then decided enough was enough and challenged Simon to fight him to the death. In true Negan fashion, the villain brutally killed Simon. 

But the insanity was only just beginning. Dwight made his way back to the room after Negan was singing his praises. 

There was a gift waiting for him: Laura. She was the one who knew all about Negan's plan to leave the Saviors behind and work with another group. 

Michonne & Rick Meet Back Up on The Walking Dead

Laura was the person Negan picked up on the road during The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 14. and told Negan everything. 

Negan decided to let Dwight live, but what does he want in return? We'll find out soon enough!

Finally, Michonne called Negan and told him about Carl's letter pleading for peace. Negan said that he was not ready to put the past behind him and that the final battle was looming. 

Yes, it sure sounds like a big battle is going to be occurring on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 16, and it's about time. 

What did you think of all the twists?

The Walking Dead continues Sunday on AMC!

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