Faith Stowers: SUING Stassi Schroeder Over Claims She Stole Jax Taylor's Car!

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By the time they reach their sixth season, most reality shows are beginning to show their age.

In the case of Vanderpump Rules, however, the drama seems to become more compelling with each passing year, to the point that we're pretty sure Bravo should just start live-streaming the cast member's lives 24/7/356, a la The Truman Show.

Faith Stowers

Fortunately, we have social media to keep tabs on all the batsh-t hijinks in West Hollywood.

Just yesterday, Kristen Doute took to Twitter to accuse former SUR girl Faith Stowers of drugging and robbing random men throughout Los Angeles.

Needless to say, it's a pretty serious allegation, and it could have some major legal implications for Stowers.

Especially since it's the second time this week that she's been accused of a felony.

Stowers currently appears on MTV's Ex on the Beach, which is basically a reality TV Z-lister version of The Bachelor in Paradise.

Faith Stowers Selfie

To promote the show, she appeared on The Tomorrow Show podcast, where she dropped an amusing bombshell about suing Stassi for alleging that she stole Jax Taylor's car!

"It was interviews that Ms. Schroeder has been doing and she’s been saying some evil, disgusting, untrue things about me that’s just, like, outlandish, like I stole Jax Taylor’s car. Are you kidding me?" Stowers said.

"They, that they called the police on me. If you listen to it yourself, you would maybe shake your head or giggle a little bit cause it, it sounds like, just sounds outlandish.

Faith went on to say that Stassi claimed the crime happened the very same night of Scheana Marie's birthday party, at which Faith revealed she slept with Jax.

Kristen Doute Reacts

The day after Faith's interview, Kristen tweeted a link to a story about an LAPD investigation into a serial thief who has drugged at least two people and stolen over $300,000 worth of money and jewelry.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Kristen and Stassi came to the conclusion that the perpetrator was Faith after comparing their former co-worker's tattoos to grainy photos of the suspect.

Doute and Schroeder say they contacted police, but officers seem uninterested in their findings.

Stowers addressed the allegations by accusing Stassi of racism.

Stassi Schroeder in Black

“I don’t know if Stassi’s been around a lot of black women in her life; I’m guessing probably not,” Faith said. 

“But this lady that she said looks like me on The Daily Mail is at-large and has been taking $300,000 worth of Rolexes and drugging people in the clubs and I mean, just disgusting type stuff."

Obviously, it's too soon to say for sure what's really happening here but one thing seems certain:

Faith needs to be brought back to SUR in time for Season 7.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to get caught up in time for Monday's season finale.

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