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Cardi B is beautiful. Cardi B is successful. And yes, Cardi B is pregnant.

She made her big reveal and showed off her baby bump over the weekend.

And now she’s thanking fans and fellow celebs for the tremendous outpouring of love and congratulations that she has received.

Cardi B Rihanna Post

After debuting her baby bump for the world to see, Cardi B was able to bask in the adoration that followed.

And she’s taken to social media to express her appreciation, writing:

"The love I’m receiving is overwhelming!"

She follows that with:

"I can’t thank you enough for always finding the time to share your support!!"

And she thanks Rihanna, whose congratulatory message she had screencapped, in particular.

"Thank you a million times @badgalriri."

We should all be thankful to Rihanna every single day of our lives, but Cardi B was honored by the pregnancy shout-out.

Cardi B 50cent

Rihanna was far from alone in being happy for Cardi B.

50 Cent expressed his well-wishes for Cardi B and for her soon-to-be husband, Offset.

"This is some fly s–t, from the bottom to the top. (Only HipHop) congratulations Cardi B & Offset."

That’s an atypical but nonetheless heartfelt way of expressing congratulations.

"You see @50cent is a nice person. He just be on his bully sometimes!! Thank you."

It was almost exactly a year ago when a video appeared to show 50 Cent punching a female fan at a concert.

So, yeah, it sounds like he’s a complicated individual.

Cardi B on SNL
Photo via NBC

As you may recall, reports that Cardi B is pregnant began spreading as far back as February.

But even as recently as Friday, Cardi B was wearing a metallic pink ensemble that seemed strategically designed to obscure any potential baby bump.

Hey, it’s her pregnancy, and she gets to reveal it when and how she chooses.

And since it was effectively an open secret, it makes sense that she decided to go ahead and debut that beautiful bump.

Cardi B in White
Photo via Getty

Though Offset has avoided paternity tests for a woman who claims to be his baby mama, there’s little doubt that he’ll happily embrace his role as Cardi B’s baby daddy.

For one thing, the two are engaged. Many were shocked that Cardi would go ahead and become engaged immediately after she soared to fame and acclaim for "Bodak Yellow."

But she’s gorgeous and it’s her life to live.

Some have characterized Offset to be an opportunity who wants to ride Cardi’s coattails — or the train of her wedding dress — to comfort and wealth.

At the moment, Cardi B is worth about $4 million, not much higher than Offset’s estimated $3 million.

But there’s no doubt that she’s raking in the dough. In fact, she recently complained about her tax bracket, openly wondering how Uncle Sam is spending her money.

(As it turns out, it was spending the taxpayer money on turning EPA director and Captain Planet villain Scott Pruitt’s office into a bulletproof fortress, for reasons that have yet to be determined)

Cardi B on a Stage
Photo via Getty

So Cardi’s net worth is expected to grow and grow and grow over the next few years.

But that’s no reason to be suspicious of Offset. Cardi is also jarringly attractive and intensely charming, which has served her well as she’s skyrocketed to unprecedented fame.

We all give our congratulations to Cardi and to Offset for their growing family.

Though it’s probably a lot more exciting to get a shout-out from Rihanna. That’s fair.

We also can’t wait for Cardi and Offset’s wedding … and we join many fans in hoping that it will be televised.