50 Cent PUNCHES Female Fan During Concert!!!

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It's been years since 50 Cent's music careerĀ garnered any real attention, but the rapper has continued to make headlines with his frequent batsh-t behavior.

Some of 50's shenanigans are funny, such as his random feud with Taraji P. Henson or the time that he got all pissed that his penis was shown on TV.

Others are not so amusing, such as the time 50 threatened to murder his son on Instagram.

His latest dust-up most certainly falls into the latter category.

50 was performing with The Lox in Baltimore over the weekend when an overexcited female fan attempted to pull him off the stage.


As you can see in the video below, Fif responded to the perceived threat by throwing a punch at the woman.

Witnesses say he hit her in the chest, but fortunately, she didn't appear to suffer any serious injuries.

Amazingly, 50 and the fan buried the hatchet almost immediately, and she later joined him onstage for some good-natured twerking.

We're pretty sure there's a lesson top be learned here:

As our divisive political climate threatens to tear this nation apart, perhaps we should all learn to twerk our differences away.

Of course, 50 had to commit an act of assault against a woman before the conciliatory twerking could take place, so perhaps all there is to learn from this is that Fif is certifiable.

Here's hoping that going forward, his behavior will fall more into the "Oh, that Fiddy. Smh." category and lessĀ the "Good God, this man needs to be medicated."

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