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Audrey Roloff often posts about faith and family.

But while the Little People, Big World star clearly has a great deal of the former, we’re definitely starting to believe talk that she has some issues with the latter.

A Few Roloffs

Specifically, we’re pretty certain Audrey and Jacob Roloff do not get along.

Like, at all.

Chatter over whether Audrey and her brother-in-law hate each other started circulating in December, back when the Internet realized that they never appear in photos together.

Like, ever.

This is especially unusual when you consider how often the Roloffs hang out and how often Audrey shares pictures of herself and her loved ones.

So, we got to thinking: Why would Audrey and Jacob not get along?

And there are actually a couple obvious reasons:

1. Audrey is VERY open about her strong faith and religion, while Jacob is either agnostic or atheist. He certainly isn’t a practicing Catholic.

2. Jacob is like Holden Caulfield in Catcher in the Rye: he hates phonies. Remember, two years ago he quit Little People, Big World because he couldn’t stand the scripted nature of the series.

How does point number-two relate to Audrey?

She’s faced some scrutiny from followers who seem to think she exploits her religion to make money.

Rock and Roloff Pic

So this all brings us to the latest reason to believe there really is bad blood between Audrey and Jacob.

Over this past weekend, the family hosted an engagement party for Jacob and Isabel Rock, about four months after the former proposed to the latter during a trip abroad.

And you can guess who didn’t show up, right?

Based on photographs shared on Instagram at least, that is?

Yup: Audrey Roloff.

"We celebrated Jacob and Izzy yesterday! What a great engagement party it was!" Jacob wrote as a caption to the first image in this article.

As you can see above, he’s posing with mother Amy, brother Jacob, daughter Ember and… that’s it.

Jeremy Roloff with a Ponytail

Could Audrey simply have had other plans? Absolutely.

Could she even have been at the gathering, just not in this picture? Yes.

But there’s starting to be a pattern here.

Considering the divergent personalities of Audrey and Jacob, it’s not far-fetched that they wouldn’t get along. Nor would it even be that huge of a deal.

Who says all in-laws have to get along perfectly well?

We’re just noting here that there’s yet another example of a rivalry within one of television’s most beloved families.

Perhaps Audrey and Jacob will work it out, perhaps not.

Perhaps there’s some smoke here, but no fire… although we doubt it because all talk of a feud could be so easily solved if the stars simply posed in the same picture together.

Not even side by side. Just in the same frame!

Until that happens, however, we’ll continue to speculate and Internet users will continue to ask questions.

That’s just how this all works.