Roloff Family Photo Album: Little People, Lots of Love!

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The Roloffs may be a successful reality TV family, but they are not the Kardashians.

Social media photos of this close-knit bunch do not depict teenagers in lingerie or grandparents in bikinis.

Instead, over the years, we've been treated to adorable snapshots at the family farm and/or precious pictures of newborns being cradled in the hospital.

Because we're such big fans of Little People, Big World, we've collected some of our favorite Roloff family photos in the album below.

Scroll around and enjoy!

1. Fun in a Blackout

Fun in a Blackout
Amy said she went over to Zach and Tori's house because her home lost power. And she found Jacob there as well, apparently!

2. Ember Jean: First Photo!

Ember Jean: First Photo!
Wow. What an amazing photo. Audrey Roloff has given us this look at the moment she welcomed her daughter into the world.

3. Such a Cute Family

Such a Cute Family
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff gush here over their daughter. Her name is Ember Jean.

4. Life on Their Farm

Life on Their Farm
How precious! Look at Ember with her parents in this photo on the farm. Looking good, Audrey and Jeremy!

5. All The Roloffs

All The Roloffs
What a happy family! Look at this photo of every Roloff member on their beloved farm.

6. Jer, Auj and Ember

Jer, Auj and Ember
Audrey, Ember and Jeremy Roloff make quite a sweet family, don't they?

7. A New Family

A New Family
Now THIS is an adorable photo! It was snapped on the first day Audrey and Jeremy Roloff became parents.

8. 7 Years a Couple!

7 Years a Couple!
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff took this photo seven years ago, before they were officially dating. They look the same; they just have better hair now.

9. A Kiss from Dad

A Kiss from Dad
Jeremy Roloff poses in a classic father-baby pose, kissing baby Ember Jean on the forehead.

10. Zach Roloff and Baby Jackson, on a Boat

Zach Roloff and Baby Jackson, on a Boat
Zach Roloff and sweet baby Jackson spent time on a boat during their impromptu zoo trip. Look at how cute Jackson is!

11. Happy Halloween from the Roloffs

Happy Halloween from the Roloffs
Happy Halloween, everyone! That's what Tori, Zach and Jackson Roloff are saying in this photo.

12. Professionally Done

Professionally Done
Zach and Tori Roloff took part in a professional photo shoot with son Jackson. This is one of the pretty pictures from it.

13. Picture Perfect Family

Picture Perfect Family
Wrote Zach Roloff as a caption to this picture: "My seestor is married and I am pretty excited about it. Joel, we love you so much! Welcome to the madness!"

14. Zach and Jackson

Zach and Jackson
How gosh darn adorable is this?!? Zach Roloff is cradling his son at home... and we love it!

15. Tori Roloff Wedding Photo

Tori Roloff Wedding Photo
Tori and Zach Roloff exchange a kiss on the day of their wedding in this precious photograph.

16. Into the Pool!

Into the Pool!
Jackson Roloff is looks to sort of be enjoying this dip in the pool with his parents in July of 2017.

17. Four Roloffs

Four Roloffs
We love this photo! It features Amy, Tori and Zach Roloff. And little Jackson, of course!

18. Zach Roloff on the Big Day

Zach Roloff on the Big Day
Zach Roloff is all smiles in this photo for a good reason: he's cradling his first child, son Jackson!

19. Jacob and Molly

Jacob and Molly
We love this photo. It features Molly Roloff in her wedding gown, alongside brother Jacob Roloff.

20. The Father-Daughter Dance

The Father-Daughter Dance
Matt Roloff shares a dance with his daughter on the day he gave her away to Joel Silvius.

21. Molly Roloff Wedding Pic

Molly Roloff Wedding Pic
Molly Roloff married Joel Silvius in what looked like a beautiful wedding ceremony on August 5th, 2017.

22. Roloff Mom and Sisters!

Roloff Mom and Sisters!
Amy Roloff celebrating the bridal shower with her soon to be married daughter Molly, her daughters in law Tori and Audrey, and Jacob's girlfriend Isabel.

23. Happy Birthday to Grandpa

Happy Birthday to Grandpa
Happy birthday, gramps! Jackson celebrates here with Matt Roloff.

24. Happy Grandpa and Grandson

Happy Grandpa and Grandson
Matt Roloff clearly adores his grandchild. Check out this precious Facebook photo of him and little Jackson.

25. Grandma and Granddaughter

Grandma and Granddaughter
It's Amy Roloff! It's Ember Jean Roloff! It's such a cute photo!

26. Amy Roloff and Cute Grandson

Amy Roloff and Cute Grandson
Amy Roloff sure does love her grandson. Here's another photo of her and Jackson.

27. Jackson at 5 Months

Jackson at 5 Months
Jackson Roloff is now five months old! Just look at the cutie pie!

28. Jackson Roloff and Ember Jean!!!

Jackson Roloff and Ember Jean!!!
Jackson Roloff and Ember Jean may both be babies, but they're such cute cousins. The Little People, Big World grandbabies are killing us in the best way.

29. Jackson in Sunglasses

Jackson in Sunglasses
HA! How awesome is this photo of young Jackson Roloff in sunglasses? We love it!

30. In a Bowtie!

In a Bowtie!
Well, this is downright precious! At just over a month old, little Jackson Roloff is rocking a bowtie!

31. A Sweet Fatherly Smooch

A Sweet Fatherly Smooch
Come on, dad. Stop kissing me! This is so embarrassing!!!!!!!!

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