Little People, Big World Secrets Exposed: What the Roloffs Won't Tell You

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The Roloffs are not the Kardashians.

The family at the center of Little People, Big World has managed to strike it big mostly because they are interesting, kind and close-knit.

Not a lot of controversy has followed around Matt, Amy and/or their children.

But this doesn't mean the TLC stars are as squeaky clean as you may have previously believed.

Just consider a few of the interesting tidbits we've uncovered below...

1. Matt Roloff Was Arrested Twice for Drunk Driving

Matt Roloff Was Arrested Twice for Drunk Driving
Once in 2003, after which the charges were dropped because he completed an alcohol diversion program; and once in 2007, after an officer spotted him driving erratically after leaving a bar.

2. Jacob Was Forced to Star

Jacob Was Forced to Star
Okay, "forced" may be a strong way of putting it... but he didn't have much of a say at nine years old when the cameras started rolling and made it clear over the years to reporters that he was never really comfortable. Jacob left the show in 2016.

3. Their Neighbors are Not on Team Roloff

Their Neighbors are Not on Team Roloff
The family farm gets very busy, especially in early fall, angering those who live nearby. Some neighbors have complained that the farm is a waste of time and an "over-priced celebrity gawk-fest," that brings in large, annoying crowds.

4. More from Jacob

More from Jacob
This is an old Tweet, but Jacob once complained about the low salary he earned for the show.

5. Matt Started Dating an Ex-Employee After His Divorce

Matt Started Dating an Ex-Employee After His Divorce
Many fans are familiar with this one, but Matt started dating the farm's long-time manager, Caryn, shortly after he split from Amy. This caused a lot of controversy because she knew Amy well.

6. Racy Audrey!

Racy Audrey!
Audrey got in trouble back when she posed naked in a bathtub, a troubling decision to those who admired Audrey for her conservative, Christian belief system. Click on the headline above for more.

7. And Then There Was This from Audrey:

And Then There Was This from Audrey:
Marriage is like war? WHAT?!? Once again, click on the above headline to learn how Audrey made scandalous waves a couple years ago.

8. Stop Shilling!

Stop Shilling!
As described in the story above, Amy Roloff has come under fire for hawking many products via her Instagram account. Some fans don't want to see members of this family fall into that lame marketing trap.

9. It's All Fake!

It's All Fake!
This was the charge leveled by Jacob in the summer of 2016. He quit the show and then explained that storylines were scripted and his relatives were just playing characters on the series. He's since sort of apologized and said he's grown up since making these comments, but the social media posts in which he called out producers for setting up various plots can still be found online.

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