Audrey Roloff Shows Off Flat Tummy on Ember Jean's First Beach Trip!

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Audrey Roloff is once again posing in swimwear. This time, she's showing off her post-baby body and flat tummy in Maui.

That's not even the biggest deal, because Auj and Jer aren't vacationing alone.

Take a look below to see baby Ember Jean's very first visit to the beach.

Audrey Roloff, Jeremy Roloff, and Ember Jean in Maui

Audrey announced the trip on Instagram, saying:

"OK friends, we are headed to Maui in a few days… which means a six-hour flight with a baby still recovering from an ear infection. Eek!"

Fortunately, she has the remedy for that ear infection.

"Lots of cuddles, tea tree oil, Frankincense, garlic oil, antibiotics, and prayer. Hoping she can kick this thing quick!"

The proud mother has since updated fans with five photos from Ember's very first visit to the beach, captioning the images:

"Ember got a sandy bum and salty toes for the first time!"

Audrey Roloff and Ember Jean in Maui

(Looking great, Audrey!)

Auj gushes about Ember's time at the beach, just one of Ember Jean's recent milestones.

"She loved it! especially the taste of sand..."

Babies learn about their environment by putting things in their mouths, and babies can be fascinated by the strange gritty texture of sand.

"We are cherishing this much needed sunshine and time as a family away from the tyranny of the urgent."

The Tyranny of the Urgent is a book from the '60s by a man named Charles Hummel, who writes about taking time to do what is important, because so often things that are urgent take priority.

Audrey says that they're all loving Maui.

"We have such a tender spot in our hearts for this island in the middle of the pacific."

Jeremy Roloff and Ember Jean in Maui

Like any social media savvy person (especially those who advertise their business on Instagram), Audrey knows how to court social media engagement from followers.

So she asks a question:

"Have any of you ever been to Maui?!"

She then invites comments.

"What are your favorite beaches, waterfalls, or things to do!"

Finally, Auj includes some tags.

"#journeyofjerandauj #beating50percent"

Ember Jean and a Friend in Maui

Jeremy also chimes in with a message.

"Aloha from Maui! The family and I are enjoying our time away from the mainland."

Don't worry -- they love Roloff Farms and they'll be back, but it's always good to get away, right?

"Traveling with a kid is no joke though!"

It gets easier as your child gets older. But still, vacationing as a parent is never the same.

"Vacations look a lot different than before. However, it’s been so fun doing things for the first time again with Ember."

Ember is still new to the world, but she's really enjoying the beach.

"She’s such a happy girl."

Ember Jean Roloff on the Beach

Ember is too cute, folks.

Jeremy ends his post with a surprising suggestion.

"Last night the thought came to us. Maybe we should do a Maui meetup! Who’s in Maui and would be interested?"

Honestly, fan meet-ups can go extremely well or they can be disastrous. 

In the mean time, though some fans have wondered if Auj and Jer are trying to duck away from the family to avoid Audrey's rumored feud with Jacob Roloff, it seems more likely that this was planned long before she skipped his engagement party.

We hope that Ember has been enjoying herself.

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