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About two years ago, Audrey Roloff created a pretty big stir on the Internet when she posed naked in a bathtub.

As an admittedly faithful Christian and relatively conservative woman, Roloff took Little People, Big World fans by major surprise when she shared such a risque picture.

Audrey has not really done so since.

With Ember
Photo via Instagram

Nearly every photo Roloff posts on social media at this point feature her and her husband or, these days, her and her precious daughter, Ember Jean.

Most also feature plenty layers of clothing.

Which is also a precursor to explaining why we were a bit taken aback on Wednesday night when we jumped over to Audrey’s Instagram page and were greeted by an image of this reality star in a bathing suit.

It’s not an especially revealing piece of swimwear.

And we wouldn’t judge Audrey even if it were.

(In our opinion, how you act in life, how you treat your fellow human being, is far more important than what you wear on your body.)

But we simply didn’t expect to see a photograph of Audrey and Jeremy on the beach together, as they are below:

In Bathing Suits!
Photo via Instagram

What prompted this snapshot?

A rather cool opportunity, actually.

Roloff included with this picture a lengthy caption that details a "BIG TRAVEL GIVEAWAY" that she then explained as follows:

I am teaming up with some amazing women to give one of you a $1000 gift card so you can travel to the DREAM DESTINATION of your choice.

This photo of Jeremy and I was taken two years ago in the British Virgin Islands, the most beautiful place I’ve ever traveled.

She then added:

Traveling is so fun and I’ve missed it since getting pregnant/having Ember, but i can’t wait to go back to the BVI’s someday.

For now, I’m excited to bless one of YOU with some travel funds!!!!

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey... All Dressed Up!
Photo via Instagram

What, exactly, is Roloff referring to here?

How can you actually win a getaway of this nature?

Audrey is happy to list the steps:

1. LIKE the photo of Audrey and Jeremy on the beach.

2. Follow Audrey’s friends who are helping give this contest: @elsielarson @babyboybakery @audreyroloff @thefreckledfox @theshineproject.

3. Tag a friend you want to bring with you! Tag as many personal friends as you want, all in a new comment.

Audrey adds that the giveaway ends April 15th at midnight CT and for an "extra entry, tag us in your story and let us know where you will go!"

(You also must be 18 years of age or older to qualify.)

Jeremy Roloff with a Ponytail
Photo via instagram

This sure makes us happy that Audrey returned to Instagram.

The long-time TLC personality took about three weeks off from social media in order for her and Jeremy to finish the manuscript for their first book.

(Yes, folks, their first book!)

But now that the manuscript is in the hands of her editors, Audrey is back to conversing with her fans on this popular Internet platform.

We don’t know when the Roloff relationship memoir will be available to purchase, but here is what Audrey recently wrote about it:

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us as we’ve been in the trenches of writing.

We still have a long process of editing to look forward to in the coming months, but we are celebrating this first big milestone in the process!

Jeremy and I are so excited to share this labor of love with all of you.

Our hope is that it would encourage our generation to prepare for, pursue, and protect their love story.

We can’t wait to read.