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This week on Teen Mom OG, Maci trained for a new reality show, Amber prepared her nursery, and Gary received paternity test results.

Meanwhile, Tyler struggled with life as a single, working parent, and oh, right, Farrah Abraham got fired after a blowup with producers.

Watch Teen Mom OG Season 5 Episode 14 Online
Watch Teen Mom OG Season 5 Episode 14 Online

Months of rumors, sneak peeks, and unhinged rants at MTV later, Farrah finally squared off with producer Morgan Freeman last night.

The Backdoor Teen Mom alum was told that she treats the staff terribly, and that her adult film dealings are also a problem for MTV.

Farrah, of course, recently starred in a live stream sex show for CamSoda in addition to her other business and TV pursuits.

“You have little empathy and compassion for people,” Morgan told her, laying out the terms for Farrah’s inclusion in the show.

It’s his way or the highway, he said. Her response?

Farrah Abraham Gets Fired: See the Special Moment in All Its Glory!

Hours after their conversation, Farrah called Morgan to say that she didn’t have to make a decision, as he instructed her earlier.

If Teen Mom OG wants her gone for her participation in live sex shows, then there’s nothing she can do about it, Abraham said.

Yes, she’s really going to die on this hill.

She also told Morgan that he would be hearing from her lawyer, which sounded like typical Farrah word salad nonsense but wasn’t.

Farrah is suing Viacom for $5 million, citing wrongful termination. Whether she has a case or not is unclear, but she’s serious.

Elsewhere, Maci was preparing to film the hit Discovery series Naked & Afraid, in which people compete to survive in the wild.

If you’re not familiar with that great program, contestants are dropped off in the middle of nowhere with no food or resources.

It is very scary. And also nude.

Pretty funny that Maci is getting back-ass naked for another entertainment pursuit on the same night Farrah got fired for that.

We know it’s not the same thing as Farrah’s cam girl live stream sex show, but still, there’s some hilarious irony in there.

In addition to "practicing" for the show (we bet Taylor likes that), she pondered how Bentley’s custody arrangement will be handled. 

Following Catelynn‘s trip to rehab, Tyler struggled to take care of Nova and the increasing demands of running his business.

The single parent hustle is tough.

Fortunately, Cate is doing a lot better in rehab, at least for the time being, and Nova loved seeing her mom on a FaceTime call.

In Indiana, the pregnant Amber Portwood was busy decorating her baby’s nursery on Teen Mom OG Season 5 Episode 14.

Meanwhile, in other baby news nearby, we learned that Jody is not Gary Shirley’s father, and both of them were emotional. 

His mom, however, seemed resigned to this possibility, telling Gary that his father could only be one other (unnamed) man.

Jody seemed most devastated of all. 

Imagine learning something shocking and so unexpected after SO long that completely changed how you viewed yourself.

Your entire life. Your own family. 

Still, it’s not like they won’t be part of each other’s lives anymore. It will just take time for this to resonate and be processed.

We just hope Kristina – and to a degree, Amber – are there to support Gary during the difficult emotional times yet to come.

He’s going to need them.