Amber Portwood SLAMS Gary Shirley and MTV in Epic Rant!

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Amber Portwood is going through a lot right now.

A whole, whole lot.

She's pregnant, and those hormones are never easy on anyone, but on top of that situation, she's also unable to take her usual medications for her mental illnesses.

Throw in the fact that she's on a reality show, and also the fact that she was still dealing with her breakup with Matt Baier when she met, began dating, and got impregnated by Andrew Glennon ...

It's a lot, OK?

So it makes sense that all those different emotions would bubble up and explode sometime ... and that time was yesterday.

The place of the explosion? Twitter.

The results? Well, you'll just have to see.

1. Bad Times

Bad Times
On this season of Teen Mom OG, we're learning what a toll Amber's breakup with Matt really took on her. It has not been pretty.

2. Oh, Amber ...

Oh, Amber ...
Amber has said that after the breakup, she fell into a deep depression, and that things were so bad that she was only able to see her daughter, Leah, twice during her entire summer vacation.

3. Um

She managed to find plenty of time to get into a relationship with Andrew and to become pregnant, but sure, the depression kept her away from Leah. All right.

4. More Drama

More Drama
On the most recent episode of the show, Gary Shirley and his wife, Kristina, discussed the situation. It wasn't a disrespectful conversation -- they just talked about Andrew's sketchy past, and Kristina revealed that they'd told Leah that her mother hadn't been around because of her depression.

5. Real Talk with Leah

Real Talk with Leah
But at one point in the episode, Leah asked Kristina “If she was too depressed to see me, she wasn’t too depressed to find a new man?” From the mouths of babes, right?

6. Rewind

OK, so all of that, plus Amber's pregnancy reveal, happened on the episode. But you know how the cast members get to preview the episodes just before they air? It seems like Amber got to see everything just a few hours before we did -- and she was not pleased with what she saw.

7. Twitter Time!

Twitter Time!
"I've been on this show for 10 years," she complained on Twitter. "I've been through hell! MTV has turned my pregnancy and this relationship into a joke in one of the happiest times of my life. Apparently my life is just for people to tell me how horrible I am as a mother because I went through depression!"

8. Sarcasm?

"Remember if your going through hell make sure you keep it all inside," she added. "And people should be able to say whatever they way about you. Especially your ex! Make sure when your suicidal that you always have your kid right next to you the whole time! It's very healthy for them!! Idiots."

9. Girl ...

Girl ...
The issue that most people have with this whole thing is that tons of people suffer from depression, but they still spend time with their children. Also, Leah definitely had a point -- Amber was too depressed to even visit her daughter, but she was still able to get into a new relationship?

10. Speaking Of ...

Speaking Of ...
Amber also tweeted that "Andrew is the reason I was able to pull myself together! He showed me that life was worth living! I'm thankful to have him because now I will be ALIVE for my daughter and family!"

11. Easy, Killer

Easy, Killer
"Make sure to watch Gary and Kristina tonight talking sh-t about me!" she continued. "It must be hard making money off of me! Being such a bad mom and all. Where would they be? a 1 bedroom shack in the ghetto of Anderson where he was before I got out and the show came back on!! Ignorant!"

12. #TeamGary

Gary stepped in at this point, responding to Amber's tweet with "I stayed where I was cause I’m no better than the next person i saved up to put 20% down. I didn’t wanna move and feel like I was struggling, and I wanted to think out all options and find where I wanted my kids to grow up. You can talk poo about me, but plz not about Kristina."

13. Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough
Meanwhile, a Teen Mom fan pointed out to Amber that since Gary and Kristina are doing the vast majority of Leah's parenting since she "checks out for weeks/months at a time," and she did not take too kindly to that.

14. Yikes

"That never happened once!" she replied. "I've never just been gone for weeks and months ever! Wtf are you talking about? This was 2 months and I saw her right when I got out of Boot camp! Once again talking sh-t ignorantly with nothing to back it up!!!"

15. Amber, Please

Amber, Please
Except Amber herself said that she'd only seen Leah twice during her entire summer vacation, which seems like enough to back up that comment. So what is the truth, Amber?!

16. Nope

Another kind soul tried to defend Kristina, but Amber really was not having it. She wrote "You have no f-cking clue what your talking about in any way!! She broke up her family for money and tv! Her husband got a restraining order on her cheating ass with multiple people and then cheated with Gary! What about her daughter? Straight out of Gary's mouth!!"

17. Clapback from Kristina!

Clapback from Kristina!
Those sure do seem like fighting words, but Kristina responded with class, telling Amber "Restraining order to keep my child from filming. I am an active mother to my children so quit hating. I’ve never stepped on your toes as a mother nor will I ever. I care for Leah when she is in our care. Love don’t hate."

18. Gary to the Rescue

Gary to the Rescue
Gary had also had enough at this point, tweeting "Sorry for the wonderful drama you see or don’t see. My wife Kristina is amazing we had a rocky start and we made Thru and honestly I love her and she is one hell of an influence. Please don’t judge us by what someone else says there is always more to it. We love you all."

19. Smoothing Things Over

Smoothing Things Over
To Amber, he wrote "I know your going Thru stuff & feel bashed. But you do ultimately have our support, yes we have concerns of our own. And we do a tv show, so ya sh-t gets said, on both ends. Continue being the amazing mother you have been. And keep that Baby fed in the gut."

20. Meanwhile ...

Meanwhile ...
Despite Gary's understanding, Amber still hadn't gotten all those feelings out yet -- next, she tweeted "Sometimes it takes a strong man to pick up a broken woman." Meaning ... Andrew? We guess?

21. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
When someone had the nerve to suggest that perhaps it would be better if she figured out how to pick herself up, she went off, saying "Do you suffer with Bipolar Disorder or Borderline and social anxiety? Well I've been suffering for many years trying to be happy with pills and medication just to stay alive! Maybe you should say that to all the women who committed suicide! 'You should just pick yourself up!'"

22. OK Then

OK Then
After that, it didn't take her too long to switch gears -- just a little while later, she wrote "I'm glad to have such a beautiful family! My life is full of joy and I now get to share it with my daughter and son on the way!"

23. Not So Fast!

Not So Fast!
But a few hours after that, Amber was right back to it, replying to a message about how she needed to prioritize Leah with "I went to prison just to get clean for my daughter..I literally opted out of drug court because it wasn't helping! I begged and begged to bring my daughter to school and pick her up constantly and was always told No! I tried repeatedly and fought for her!! Stfu!"

24. Hmmm

... Amber does realize that we all watch this show, right? That all of this has been documented for years and that thousands and thousands of people watch it and understand what's going on and can see that she hasn't begged for time with Leah in a very, very long time? And also that she's not been paying child support?

25. Sigh

But sure, Amber. Everyone else is wrong. Absolutely. For sure.

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