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Kylie Jenner is here with a new round of self-portraits.

But these aren’t your typical Kylie Jenner self-portraits.

They don’t feature the reality star in lingerie or some skimpy outfit or anything.

In fact, our eyes are barely on Kylie at all in this three-image pictorial… and that’s because the selfies are dominated by a certain adorable face lying right next to her mother.

Stormi and Mom
Photo via Instagram

Indeed, Jenner has snapped and shared her first-ever selfies with daughter Stormi Webster, who was born to the 20-year old and baby daddy Travis Scott back on February 1.

The young first-time mother didn’t include much of a caption with the snapshots, simply writing "“Stormiiiiiiiii♥" alongside each one.

These are some of the clearest glimpses we’ve gotten yet at the eight-week old, who insiders say has totally and completely stolen Kylie’s heart.

In a recent Twitter Q&A with fans, Kylie said her favorite part of her daughter is, well, "all of her," but if forced to choose, she’d go with Stormi’s little toes.

Over the past few weeks, Jenner has posted multiple pictures of the tiny human’s various tiny body parts, but rarely photos as precious at these.

Just check out the second selfie, for instance:

Mommy and Cute Daughter
Photo via Instagram

Earlier this month, Jenner also took to Instagram to upload a heartfelt picture of her grandma Mary Jo Campbell holding Stormi, writing at the time as a caption:

“I mean.. does it get any better than this?”

Even Scott is smitten, much to the surprise of critics who didn’t think the rapper would be a very hands-on father.

Heck, some people out there thought he’d even leave Kylie due to her pregnancy.

But they were wrong.

Scott is reportedly very involved in his kid’s life and even has Kylie now thinking she wants to marry him someday soon.

Selfie with Stormi
Photo via Instagram

But we’re not here to speculate on the future of Kylie and Travis as a couple.

That’s for another time.

We’re instead here to marvel over little Stormi and to applaud Jenner for taking so well to motherhood.

We still doubt she actually planned to get pregnant and we still question why she’s so very consumed with losing all her baby weight.

But we can’t deny that she seems focused on being the best parent she can possibly be.

And she takes a few moments to also pose for some sizzling snapshots (below) while Stormi naps or something, who are we to judge?

We might as well just sit back and enjoy, right?