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On Sunday, the world learned that Kylie Jenner gave birth to her healthy baby girl.

Fans have finally been treated to Kylie’s baby bump pics and to an explanation for why she kept herself in seclusion and declined to admit that she was pregnant until three days after giving birth.

But only now has Kylie revealed the name of her newborn daughter.

Kylie Jenner and Her Baby Girl!!
Photo via YouTube

Kylie Jenner got pregnant at 19, after she’d been dating Travis Scott for maybe a month.

But the Kardashian family is nothing if not a collection of people who are absolute masters at turning life’s lemons into lucrative lemonade.

Though Kylie chose to keep her pregnancy secret — even after the entire world learned of it — she has now apologized to fans for keeping them in the dark when they are so accustomed to seeing so much of her life.

Now that she’s given birth to a healthy baby girl, however, Kylie is sharing more.

Including a beautiful tribute video to Kylie’s baby that shows tons of never-before-seen footage of Kylie and her baby bump.

Kylie Jenner, Baby Bump on Display
Photo via YouTube

We also got to see Kylie’s sister Kim’s baby, Chicago West, for the first time.

Kim’s pregnancy via surrogate, however, was never a secret. And Chicago is Kim’s third child.

Understandably, the spotlight is very much on Kylie.

Fans have been wondering about what name she would give to her baby — particularly since her sister Kim’s baby names are nothing short of epic.

Kylie Jenner, Baby Bump in the Desert
Photo via YouTube

At first, people theorized that Kylie had named her baby "Butterfly."

Weird, we know.

But throughout 2017, it seemed that Kylie was obsessed with butterflies — despite her professed fear of them.

The video tribute to her baby girl focused multiple times on butterfly motifs, on Kylie’s necklace and all over her baby’s nursery.

Then came a report that Kylie’s daughter would be named something that, at least, sounded more like a name: Mariposa.

Mariposa means "butterfly," and a Kylie and Travis were reportedly planning on calling their little girl "Posie."

As it turns out, however, the whole butterfly thing was a huge red herring for reasons that Kylie might one day share.

Kylie Jenner and Baby Stormi
Photo via Instagram

Kylie shared this beautiful photo of her baby girl, but it was the caption that stole everyone’s attention.

"Stormi," she wrote, in all lower case letters.

Admittedly, it’s a name that just about no one expected. But maybe some old tweet will surface from a fan who predicted it, as one fan did with Kim and Kanye’s son, Saint.

What we don’t know about precious baby Stormi is whether she’ll have her mother’s last name or her father’s.

Kylie Jenner Bump Pic
Photo via Instagram

Stormi is admittedly an odd choice.

Right now, it brings to mind the porn star, Stormy Daniels, who allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump. Not the usual source where people would go looking for names.

But honestly … we don’t know if Kylie’s even been keeping up with the news. She’s said that she wanted to keep herself as stress-free as possible during her pregnancy, and keeping up with the news is the exact opposite of that.

Welcome to the world, Stormi Jenner … or Stormi Scott … or … ?

You’re probably the most famous baby on the planet right now.

(UPDATE: Kylie’s baby’s full name is Stormi Webster, which means she has been named after Travis Scott, who was born Jacques Webster.)