Justin Bieber: I Can't Live Without Selena Gomez!!

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Jelena has broken up. Or at least they're on a break.

We've heard that Justin Bieber feels devastated without Selena in his life. But this new report is very worrying.

And it sounds like Selena's happy, smile-filled Australian vacation isn't making things any better.

Selena Gomez, Stunning Selfie

As we know from Selena Gomez's bikini video, she's off having a grand old time in Australia ... very much without Justin Bieber.

HollywoodLife reports that Justin is miserable without Selena and having trouble coping with her absence.

"Justin has Selena on the brain constantly."

That happens to a lot of people, but it's just because they're fans who are listening to her excellent music.

For the Biebs ... it's much, much more personal. It sounds like he really misses her.

And her recent bikini video may be making him wonder if she feels the same.

Justin Bieber: Shirtless on the Beach

The source goes on to explain how the Biebs is attempting to cope.

"He is trying to drown it out by hanging with friends and doing stuff on his own time but he keeps thinking about her."

Honestly? We're just glad to hear that he's relying on the company of friends to drown his sorrows instead of, you know, abusing some sort of substance.

Recovering from an alleged substance abuse problem -- one that his own manager worried might claim his life just a few short years ago -- isn't like getting over a cold. It could return at any moment, especially when the person is feeling low.

Justin Bieber Hugs a Tree

The source goes on to describe Justin's state of mind, and it almost sounds like Justin is addicted to Selena ... and perhaps can't understand why she could look so happy on video while she's away from him.

"He always wants to be around her, talk to her and be with her."

Actually, the source is not even particularly subtle about the analogy.

"She is like a drug for him, he just needs more and more and more."

Now, a lot of people feel that way about Selena Gomez's music and have felt that way for the better part of a decade. It's no surprise that she's delightful company, too.

But ... being so attached to someone that you can't stand being without them even for a short break? Maybe that's romantic ... or maybe that's a really unhealthy dependence problem.

Justin Bieber on the Beach

The source says that the Biebs is all but counting down the days until he and Selena are reunited.

"He can’t wait until she is back because he wants to really wine and dine her upon her return and really kick start the relationship back up again."

He may have to wait longer than Selena's Australia trip lasts, however.

As we know, Justin and Selena broke up this time, even if it's reportedly just a temporary break, because of little disagreements and one big spat.

It sounds like they needed time apart.

And we don't know that Selena's little break from their whirlwind renewed romance is going to convince her that she needs to go back to Bieber. Some believe that she's just repeating past mistakes with him and would do better to move on.

Selena Gomez Looking Cool

It is worrisome to hear that Justin is clinging to the hope that he and Selena will get back together.

It sounds almost like an emotional dependency.

Whether they get back together or not, that doesn't sound like a healthy degree of attachment for these two.

We've heard that Selena and Justin may feel that their reunion was divinely ordained ... and it's possible that some of the folks at their mutual megachurch are reinforcing that idea. But ... relationships are a personal matter and they seldom last.

The worst case scenario would be for this to drive Justin into his old habits of bad, self-destructive behavior.

Let's hope that, no matter what lies in store for Jelena, that it doesn't come to that.

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