The Voice Recap: Adam Levine Steals Another Singer

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Is it just us or has the addition of Kelly Clarkson given The Voice a new lease on life? All shows go through testing times at one point or another. 

The last few seasons of The Voice have just been there, with little in the way of exciting performers that make lasting impressions. 

Adam Levine on The Voice Season 14

But there's something about the addition of Kelly that's making the feedback considerably more constructive and beneficial to the performers. 

Could it be down to the fact that she came from American Idol and knew what it was like to be on the other side of the stage?


It is hilarious that ABC tried to poach her for American Idol, which, by the way, has actually been a fun revival. 

Let's break down the next three battles that took place on Tuesday night's episode of this NBC juggernaut. 

Kelly Clarkson on The Voice Season 14

Team Kelly: Jorge Eduardo vs. Amber Sauer -  “Starving”

Kelly paired these two because she felt like they showed the most passion for their singing, and that would make for the fairest battle of the entire series. 

Some coaches pair two polar opposites together, and it comes across as unfair. Maybe that's why the process is still very flawed after all these years. 

Jorge decided to surprise Kelly by adding a new section into the hit song, and it was needed. It set him above Amber, but if he hadn't added that part, it would have been too difficult to call who was going to win. 

Amber still sang like a pro, but she never managed to upstage Jorge, and that's why she never got to stay on the team. The biggest shocker was that there was no steal. 

Winner: Jorge

Kelly Clarkson, The Voice Season 14

Team Adam: Reid Umstattd vs. Davison - “Love On the Brain”

This pair went with the Rihanna hit, and it was a solid, but unspectacular performance. The good thing was that it was fair to put them together. 

Because neither of them was better than the other, it made it difficult for Adam to pick which of them to advance to the next stage of the competition. 


Team Alicia: Kelsea Johnson vs. Jordyn Simone -  “Don’t Let Go”

This one was a real head-scratcher. Both performances were poised to be the best of the night, but they both had their fair share of flaws. 

They both shouted their way through the performance, and it made it difficult to tell who was singing. It was a disappointing performance. 

Winner: Kelsea Johnson

Steal: Jordyn Simone to Team Adam

Jordyn Simone, The Voice Season 14

Despite Adam struggling to find some decent performers at the auditions, he has been building up a solid team through the steals.

What did you think of the episode?

The Voice continues Monday on NBC. 

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