Justin Bieber: Destroyed, Devastated and Broken by Selena Gomez!

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Justin Bieber may put on a brave and very handsome face.

But it's all an act at the moment, according to a new report.

In reality, the singer is a sad, beaten, desperate young man who just wants to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loves.

Justin Bieber: Shirtless on the Beach

For once, however, Bieber is being forced to ask himself the following:

Does Selena Gomez really love me back?!?

This question is reportedly being asked by Justin in response to the break he's been forced to take with Selena.

As you undoubtedly heard back in November, Gomez and Bieber decided to give their romance yet another try after the former underwent a kidney transplant and the latter realized how much he really did care for her.

Since then, we've heard reports of Gomez and Bieber attending couples therapy together and seeming very serious about their reconciliation.

So... why are they on a break?

Why are they still in contact, and presumably still planning on resuming their sexual activities, yet are currently not seeing each other very often?

Selena Gomez, Cleavage Image

One insider points the finger of blame at Selena's mother, who remains angry at Bieber over the way he treated her daughter back in the day.

“Selena and Justin decided to take a break mainly because of Selena’s mom and her disapproval of Justin," Us Weekly wrote this week of the latest between the artists.

This source went on to say that Gomez just needs some time right now to make sure her mom is okay with everything.

It would make sense. It would be very sweet of Selena.

But it's complete BS, Radar Online alleges!

Justin and Selena Instagram

Someone tells this website that Gomez simply needed to walk away from Bieber because he was getting overbearing.

"Selena just felt like Justin was smothering her all the time and she could not deal with his constant questioning," claims this anonymous source.

That would be quite the 180, huh?

In the past, it was always Bieber telling Gomez that he needed a hiatus because she was coming on too strong.

"Justin is a train wreck right now and he is begging her to just stay," Radar adds.

"He feels like he changed his whole life for her and became the person she wanted him to be all along."

Wow. Heavy stuff.

And it's sort of echoed by People Magazine.

Selena Gomez Kisses Justin Bieber

This publication doesn't come out and paint Bieber as a broken soul in the same manner as Radar.

But it does cite issues between the superstars that go beyond one parent's disapproval.

"They have their own issues and are always on and off,” says a source about the couple, adding:

"She wouldn’t base her relationship off of what her mom thinks."

This said, the same insider says he or she wouldn't be surprised of Justin and Selena got back together within "a week."

And that basically sums these crazy kids up, doesn't it?

They have their problems. They sometimes go their separate ways, but let's face:

When push comes to shove and boots get to knocking, they will always find their way back into each other's arms.

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