Jenelle Evans to MTV: You Can't Fire Me, I QUIT!

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Jenelle Evans has been in career limbo ever since her husband, David Eason, was fired from Teen Mom 2.

Not only has the Carolina Hurricane not been filming, but she hasn't even been scheduled to film. Which has led fans to wonder if she's fired.

A new report says that she's not fired, and that MTV is going to try putting her on camera again. If she'll even agree to do it.

Jenelle Evans Promoting Lipstick

RadarOnline reports that Jenelle is scheduled to film ... but that she might not be in a cooperative with producers.

"Jenelle really didn’t want to film again, because she wanted David to be on camera with her."

In fact, Jenelle wanted two things -- for David Eason to be un-fired, and for MTV to pay her more money.

"So she hired a lawyer but the network refused to give in to her demands"

But she must have gotten something ... or decided that she had too much to lose ... because she has reportedly relented.

"She finally came to an agreement with MTV."

And she's now scheduled to film.

Jenelle Eason Gun Photo

There's just one problem, RadarOnline's source reports.

"But no one is certain that she will actually film."

You might be thinking that, gee, Jenelle Evans would have to be a fool to turn down that sweet Teen Mom money.

But you have to remember that the Carolina Hurricane's personal history is littered with terrible decisions with life-altering ramifications.

Her drug use, her criminal history, and it seems like every romantic relationship that she's ever had -- up to and including David Eason -- has been disastrous.

So many Teen Mom 2 fans have a number of questions and concerns about Jenelle's judgment. She might just balk at filming because she's too proud to film without her husband.

Jenelle on Teen Mom Two

"Jenelle is being so stubborn, and no one is sure she will show up."

Imagine the awkwardness of being a television crew, standing around in one of the most sparsely populated areas of Eastern North Carolina, hoping that a capricious reality star decides to cooperate.

"There is so much money on the line, but Jenelle makes really dumb decisions since getting together with David."

Hey, that's unfair. Jenelle worked very hard on building a history of dumb decisions. David doesn't deserve credit for all of them.

"MTV is worried she won’t let them film after all."

It might come down to how she's feeling that day.

Jenelle Evans Advertises Her YouTube Channel

There's also a chance that Jenelle Evans might try to do her own show.

Recently, she's been plugging her Off The Grid Adventures on social media.

This is just a YouTube channel.

Some people make a living -- some even make millions -- on YouTube, but whatever level of money Jenelle hopes to rake in through streaming her own content, it's not likely to match up to what MTV can pay her.

In general, it's said that people need at least a million subscribers before they start making real money on YouTube.

At present, Jenelle has under 50,000 subscribers. That's not even 5% of what she'd need to start making headway.

Jenelle Eason, David Eason

David Eason was fired for, totally of his own volition, going on a homophobic and transphobic rant in which he bashed gay parents and trans parents, calling them immoral.

Perhaps the strangest thing was that it was totally unprompted. No one had asked about LGBT+ folks at all.

In fact, what had been brought up is the allegations that he's aggressively violent with his family. Remember, this is a man who's served time behind bars for domestic violence. He's since been accused of being abusive towards Jenelle's children.

Some fans may be happy that David is no longer on their screens or being paid by MTV, but others continue to be concerned about the children. And even about Jenelle herself.

It may be that the presence of cameras and producers is what's best for everyone.

But there's no guarantee that Jenelle will see it that way.

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