David Eason Goes on Insane Homophobic Rant; Jenelle Evans' Husband Fired By MTV [UPDATED]

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David Eason has really shown his true colors now.

Well, he's been showing them for a while now -- this is hardly the first time he's been aggressive and hateful and terrifying.

But this new thing is just insanely, unbelievably bad.

Yesterday, David started his day off by tweeting about guns, and by the end of it, he was spewing out hateful, bigoted remarks.

These went beyond immature insults to anyone who disagreed with him (though he threw in those as well). This was just vile.

Here, let's just take some time to break it all down ...

1. The Beginning

The Beginning
This whole mess really started last week, when Jenelle and David upset a lot of people by sharing a pretty insensitive photo shortly after the news of the Florida shooting broke.

2. Yikes

When David posted the photo, he bragged on Jenelle looking like a "bad ass," and she made it her profile picture. And when people pointed out that it wasn't the best time to share a photo like that, given what had happened that day, he refused to budge.

3. A Totally Stable Individual

A Totally Stable Individual
For the next several days after that, he tweeted lots of pro-gun sentiments, and he was ready to argue with anyone and everyone who disagreed with him.

4. Ugh

Then he decided to kick off his day by tweeting a news story about a new bill that would allow individuals with concealed carry permits to bring guns into schools, and along with it he wrote "It only makes sense to protect our kids the proper way... the only way we know how."

5. "You Are Wrong"

"You Are Wrong"
Someone told him that perhaps it would be better to protect children with "education" and "intentional parenting," but David did not appreciate that. "No, you are wrong," he wrote. "Please tell me sir, how do you propose we make all the people in America start being better parents? Or are you a monkeys uncle?"

6. Solid Advice

Solid Advice
Since he asked, that same person told David that he could become a better parent by not "glorifying assault rifles," and by teaching his children "how to solve problems without calling people names or using force."

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