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We’re less than four months away from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding, and royal obsessives are already giddy with the anticipation of waking up at 4 am to watch two strangers say "I do."

As with all royal matters, the details of the planning process are being kept under lock and key, but it’s safe to say that Harry and Meghan’s reception will be as non-traditional as their relationship.

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In all likelihood, the ceremony will bow to custom, but it seems that after the vows are exchanged, Meghan is planning to let her hair down.

(Not literally, of course. Her updo will probably cost more than your car.)

We’ve already learned of various ways in which Meghan and Harry are planning to buck tradition.

For example, the couple reportedly plans to invite Cressida Bonas, one of Harry’s most high-profile exes, to the ceremony.

Not a big deal for most of us, but the sort of thing that results in widespread pearl-clutching in royal circles.

Megan and Harry
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But Cressida’s presence will probably go mostly unnoticed by the massive international TV audience.

What reportedly has royal handlers far more concerned is the possibility that Meghan might … speak at her own wedding!

Yes, insiders say the actress is planning to give a toast in which she’ll thank all those who have helped ease her transition from peasant to royal.

She’ll apparently close by addressing Harry in an "affectionate" fashion.

Since royals are basically forbidden to display any sort of emotion in public, this is apparently a big deal.

According to tradition, men are allowed to give toasts at royal weddings, but women are just supposed to sit there and look pretty.

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“Historically at a royal wedding reception, the bride’s father would speak on her behalf, and the other speeches are reserved for the groom and the best man,” wedding etiquette expert Amber Harrison tells Huffington Post.

Harrison adds that if she does decide to give a speech, Meghan will be “breaking centuries of royal tradition.”

"It is more common for an American bride to give a toast or make a speech at her wedding reception,” says Anne Chertoff, another wedding specialist.

“Since Meghan is an American it’s highly likely that she may make a toast or speech at her wedding reception, which will widely be received in a positive and wonderful way.”  

We don’t know what’s more shocking – that the royals still observe such an outdated tradition or that multiple people identify as professional wedding experts.

We get the feeling that you’ll be hearing a lot from these "specialists" in the months to come.