Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Valentine's Day Plans: REVEALED!

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are about to hit yet a major milestone.

Yes, they're engaged. Yes, they've had intercourse. Yes, Markle has met nearly every member of the Royal Family.

But the big one is on tap next week...

Signing for a Fan

... Markle and her fiance will celebrate their first Valentine's Day as a betrothed couple!

It really doesn't get much more significant than that, at least not as far it goes for people into commercial holidays pushed by Hallmark and other companies.

So, what does the beloved couple have planned for this special occasion?

Kensington Palace announced on Tuesday that they're headed to Scotland.

The trip to Edinburgh will kick off on February 13 and include a visit the historic Edinburgh Castle, along with a trip to a youth cafe run by Social Bite.

This is an organization that tackles homelessness, which is appropriate because Meghan and her man initially bonded over their many charitable endeavors.

And this is a cause especially close to Harry’s heart.

The two will then attend a reception celebrating youth achievement to mark Scottish Year of Young People at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Meghan with Harry

Markle and Harry are getting married on May 19 in London.

We've already heard that Meghan may break from many traditions at the ceremony, but she said in the past that being all romantic on February 14 is on tradition she keeps up with religiously.

And not even just when she's in a relationship.

"I think you need to cook that beautiful dinner even when it's just you, wear your favorite outfit, buy yourself some flowers, and celebrate the self love that often gets muddled when we focus on what we don't have," the actress wrote in 2016 via her blog The Tig.

She added at the time:

"This Valentine's Day I will be with friends, running amok through the streets of New York, likely imbibing some cocktail that's oddly pink, and jumping over icy mounds in my new shoes through the salted snowy streets of the West Village."

Seriously, how great is it that this woman is about to be a member of the Royal Family?!?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: In Love!

Sadly, we don't hear much from Markle these days because she's deleted all of her social media accounts.

We'd have to imagine this was a requirement for marrying into what may be the most famous family on the planet. (No offense, Kardashians. Okay...maybe some offense.)

"Valentine’s Day is special wherever you happen to find yourself," she also blogged a couple years ago, adding:

"And in terms of gifts, be it breakfast in bed, a sweet love note, or a single flower, it really is the thought that counts.”

Hear that, Harry?

No pressure at all, man!

Just get to cooking and to writing and maybe to some lovemaking and you'll be fine.

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