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Mariah Carey has been at the center of some interesting rumors over the years.

There was a lawsuit that alleged she only likes black guys, for example.

And there’s been constant chatter over diva-like behavior that centers on some outlandish demands while the singer is on tour.

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But the following report is a new one.

And a rather unusual one, we might say.

Anyone might say, really.

According to Radar Online, Mariah was raised by a mother who was deeply involved in some kind of dark cult.

It allegedly featured the sacrificing of animals in front of a young Carey, along with some bizarre sexual activity.

“At a very young age, both Mariah and her sister, Alison, were involved in the ceremonies and participated in them,” a family source tells Radar.

The artist grew up in Long Island and Alison herself spoke to the aforementioned website, saying she has memories of being taken by her parent to some kind of giant "castle."

Mariah Carey on Red Carpet
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Explains the superstar’s sibling:

“It was there that the satanic rituals, led by my mother, took place. I remember people wearing hooded cloaks, standing in a circle and chanting."

Ummm… yikes?

And may we also add: WTH?!?

“There was also sexual activity and [animal] sacrifices, which the participants believed would please the deity they were there to worship," Alison continues.

It may be worth pointing out here that Alison is HIV-positive, broke and living in a halfway house in upstate New York.

Does this mean she’s lying? No.

Does it mean she may not be the most reliable source? Yes.

Mariah Carey on a Red Carpet
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Mariah has made references in the past to her uncomfortable upbringing, however.

She has mentioned in long-ago interviews that she was "embarrassed" by her mom’s behavior at times.

The singer never got into specific likes Alison does here, though.

“I was trained to run ‘The Group!’” she told Radar, expounding in disturbing detail:

“At first, as a small child, I would not understand what was happening – being forced to watch as a struggling animal was violently killed in front of me.

"But as I grew older, I began to comprehend the horror of it, and that it was something most children were not exposed to."

Alison claims local police remained quiet and didn’t interfere because some cops were "a part" of the cult.

Mariah Carey Talks to God
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Mariah’s sister is a mother of four who has worked as a prostitute and was once a heroin addict.

She was hospitalized in 2015 for major brain trauma after some kind of serious attack.

She has reached out to Carey over the years for financial assistance, but has been rebuked every time.

So, again, this doesn’t automatically mean Alison is lying. But let’s take her claims with a grain of salt the size of Carey’s ego.

“Mariah, I love you, and I desperately need your help! Please don’t abandon me like this!" she concludes in her Radar interview.