Mackenzie Standifer: Risking Custody By Putting Son on Teen Mom OG?!

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It's been seven months since Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer's first wedding, and there's been no shortage of drama in the early days of their marriage.

(Case in point: Ryan and Mackenzie had to have a second wedding because he was so high for the first one that he passed out on the way to the church.)

The Edwards'

Mackenzie once threatened to quit Teen Mom OG due to the constant criticism from fans on social media.

But like everyone else on the show, she keeps coming back for more punishment.

(Imagine you're making six figures, and your biggest complaint about your job is that you have more Twitter haters than most people. Now it all makes sense, right?)

In fact, Mackenzie has basically doubled down on her commitment to the series.

These days, she's not only featured on TMOG herself, she also has her son from a previous relationship appearing on the show.

And not surprisingly, Mackenzie's baby daddy is less than thrilled with that development.

Kenzie Standifer

According to Radar Online, Hudson's father, Zach Stephens, never agreed to allow his son to be on the show, and now, he's doing everything he can to strip his son of custody rights.

“He’s not supposed to be on the show,” a source close to Mackenzie's ex Zach Stephens told Radar.

“She exploits her son for a paycheck.”

The insider adds that Stephens “wants to take Hudson from [Mackenzie]" and plans to use footage shot by TMOG camera crews as evidence of abuse.

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Stephens says that Hudson  “can’t stand being there" when his mother is filming.

He also claims that Mackenzie regularly neglects her parental duties in order to focus on filming.

“She never has Hudson,” an insider told Radar.

“It’s her mom, Ryan’s mom Jen or Zach watching him. Zach doesn’t feel with her is where Hudson needs to be.”

Mackenzie responded to the claims in an interview with Radar.

Ryan Edwards, Mackenzie Standifer, Sons

She insists that her son actually enjoys his time on camera and appears on the show of his own volition.

“He hasn’t even made a dime so clearly he’s not on there for a paycheck,”

Well, most 4-year-olds aren't overly focused on their bank accounts, so we suppose that's not a big surprise.

Mackenzie's story checks out, folks! Call off the investigation!

Watch Teen Mom OG online for more questionable parenting decisions.

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