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If there’s one thing we can say about Jenelle Evans, it’s that she just never knows when to quit.

But, as you probably know, that’s not always a good thing.

Jenelle Evans Promoting Lipstick

Actually, we’d say that when it comes to this girl, it’s rarely a good thing.

And come to think of it, there’s been occasions when she did quit with varying results — she quit heroin that one time, which was great, but then there were all those times she quit trying to be a decent human being, which was not so great.

Look, this is getting a little convoluted, but all we’re trying to say is that Jenelle has a habit of getting herself into a pickle and then doing everything in her power, consciously or not, to make the situation worse.

And that’s exactly what she’s doing right now.

If you’ve been keeping up with Teen Mom 2’s hottest mess, then you know that she could be losing that title soon — there’s a good chance she could get fired from the show.

Jenelle's Selfie

It all started a couple of weeks ago, when David shared that photo of Jenelle posing with a gun shortly after the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

When people began to point out that perhaps they should take down the photo out of respect, David refused, and he even mocked those that suggested removing the photo.

Because why be sensitive in the aftermath of such a tragedy when you’ve got big guns to pose with?

For a few days after that, David continued making dumb statements about guns, and eventually he decided to work a bit of homophobia in there as well.

He said some truly terrible things about gay and transgender people, and then he said more terrible things about anyone who dared to call him out for his backwards, ignorant ideas.

David Eason on Insta

He told Chelsea Houska’s dad to "eat a bag of dicks" after he reported him to Twitter, for example.

So that happened, and David was fired from Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle hasn’t been fired yet, but as far as we know, that’s still a possibility. The word is that MTV is done filming her for the upcoming season anyway, so they have more time to decide what to do with her.

If you were Jenelle, god forbid, you’d probably being laying low, right? Trying to be quiet and inoffensive so you don’t lose your high-paying job that supports your entire family?

Trick question: if you were actually Jenelle, you’d just keep right on being awful.

Knowing full well that gun photos were what got her into this mess in the first place, Jenelle still shared these photos of Kaiser earlier this week:

Kaiser Griffith Gun Photo

And the photos did not get a positive reaction.

"This is very inappropriate given recent events and you should take it down," one of her followers advised her.

Another commented "You might want to rethink this post in light of the recent school shootings. Clearly, it’s going to cause a problem. You make your own trouble."

"So David gets fired over the photo he posted and u come on posting this?" someone else asked. "Like there’s nothing wrong with your son playing with a toy gun but we all know u did this for a reaction?"

"Using ur son too? Sweet move for more haters."

Jenelle's Son With a Gun

Isn’t it though?

But despite all the criticism she got for the photos, Jenelle didn’t back down.

She responded to all the comments by explaining "This is a toy gun that I just bought Kaiser and he absolutely loves. Everyday he goes outside to ‘find something to hunt.’"

"Let boys be boys. My kids are Country Boys so everyone needs to get over that part."

There are so many things wrong with what she said that it’s hard to know where to begin, but let’s try anyway, OK?

Jenelle Evans: Is She REALLY Quitting Teen Mom 2?!

One, since when were her kids "country boys"? Does her current soulmate determine her children’s identities? Because she was never into "country" stuff before David.

Also one of her kids is a girl?

Two, you can’t write off any valid criticism anyone has about your parenting with the saying "let boys be boys." It’s not like all boys are required to like guns.

Three, she’s completely ignoring the fact that many people don’t even have an issue with Kaiser having a toy gun — it’s simply an issue of timing.

It’s not hard to not post photos like these when it could affect your livelihood, or after so many people were killed in such a tragic shooting.

As many of her followers pointed out, it’s pretty clear that she’s just looking for some attention with this.

Well, we hope you enjoy it, Jenelle. After all, if you get fired, you’ll only get so much more of it.