Jenelle Evans Lets Toddler Play With Gun in All-Time Low; Could She Lose ALL Her Kids?!

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To know Jenelle Evans is to know just what a massive, massive hot mess she is. Really, it's kind of impressive. 

Not admirable at all, just impressive.

Ever since she was 16 & Pregnant, this girl has taken each and every opportunity she's ever been presented to mess her life up.

Now that she's on the brink of being fired from the cast of Teen Mom 2, the Carolina Hurricane is really going into overdrive.

So what'd she do this time?!

You won't even believe it ...

1. Our Girl

Our Girl
This is Jenelle. Jenelle makes dumb choices.

2. ... Really?

... Really?
For her latest dumb choice, Jenelle shared a couple of photos of her three-year-old son Kaiser playing with a toy gun.

3. Ugh

It might not seem like a huge deal all on its own, but if you consider everything else that's been going on with her lately, you'll see that it was just an exceedingly bad idea to share these pictures.

4. Yikes

Earlier this month, Jenelle and her husband, David, got into a bit of hot water when he posted this photo of her online just hours after the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

5. David = The Worst

David = The Worst
It was definitely questionable timing, and it was also incredibly insensitive, but David refused to take down the photo. Instead, he sassed those who suggested he take it down.

6. So Long, Douchebag

So Long, Douchebag
He continued arguing about guns on his Twitter page for several days until, for some bizarre reason, he felt the need to bring a little homophobia to his pro-gun stance. He was promptly fired from Teen Mom 2 for this.

7. So ...

So ...
David's definitely gone, but at this point, no one is sure what will happen to Jenelle. Reports have claimed that MTV is done filming her for the upcoming season regardless of what happens, but they could be done filming her permanently.

8. Smooth Move!

Smooth Move!
So her job is on the line, everyone is upset with her for being thoughtless during a national tragedy, and she chooses to share photos of Kaiser with a toy gun. See the problem with all this?

9. Strike 1,000

Strike 1,000
Honestly, we shouldn't be too surprised that Jenelle is completely incapable of understanding why posing her toddler with guns, fake or not, is a bad idea right now -- after all, she did just recently admit to doing drugs during her last pregnancy.

10. This Happened

This Happened
“I tested positive for THC and Ensley did not test positive," she revealed in an interview this month. "I did. So CPS were like — I was in the hospital — they said, ‘Did you smoke when you were pregnant?’ I said, ‘I did within the past 30 days.' I said 'I have really bad esophageal spasms and I throw up every 5 minutes, I can’t even eat.' And they said, ‘Okay, some moms do that. We are not here to judge, we are writing down your information.'”

11. Just Why

Just Why
She said that CPS did open an investigation, but after doing a wellness check they closed the case. Horrifyingly enough, she added that “CPS has been here like 30 times, not just for that, but for haters online saying that I abuse my kids. So they came and checked up on that." Who admits that? Who has CPS visit their home "like 30 times"?!

12. CPS, Come Back

CPS, Come Back
This is all a whole lot of awfulness in a very short amount of time, and that's why a lot of people are currently extra upset with Jenelle's parenting style -- and why some people are even insisting she have her children taken away from her.

13. Poor Taste

Poor Taste
On the photo of Kaiser with the gun, one person commented "Considering 17 kids just got massacred. I think this pic is in poor taste. But you’re gonna cry ignorance when you clearly just like attention."

14. Keep It Up

Keep It Up
"Wonder what Morgan would think of this picture Jenelle?" someone else asked. "Remember him the person who keeps you employed? Keep posting pics like this mocking school shootings for attention."

15. She's Not Wrong

She's Not Wrong
Another person accused Jenelle of "Trying to stay relevant by using her son to stir up controversy so @MTV will keep her on. We care more about her kids than she does & we're tired of watching child abuse for the sake of ratings."

16. POS

"Nathan might be a pos but I hope his mom gets Kaiser," wrote one Twitter user. "They showed us child neglect. Imagine what they haven’t shown. You’re not right, girl."

17. Babs to the Rescue

Babs to the Rescue
One particularly upset Teen Mom fan tweeted "You just don’t learn. Just a glutton for punishment ! Hopefully u get fired next for your insensitivity, and Barbara gets custody of Kaiser and Ensley. You’re such an asshole!"

18. Proud

Yet another enraged fan wrote "A homofobic husband that you keep supporting ...teaching your kids that guns are must be so proud of yourself. Those children should never be allowed to be arround you and should be taken away...."

19. So Many Haters

So Many Haters
So to recap, Jenelle doesn't have custody of her oldest son, Jace, she could have potentially lost custody of baby Ensley, and Kaiser's grandma seems very interested in gaining custody of him, too. Oh, and basically everyone who has ever watched Teen Mom 2 thinks she shouldn't have custody of any of her kids.

20. What Next?!

What Next?!
Your move, Jenelle!

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