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Jenelle Evans is generally about as sensitive as a bag of hammers.

We’ve known this for years, but it seems she’s still capable of shocking fans with the depth of her ignorance.

Jenelle Evans Gun Photo

As you’ve no doubt heard, a school shooting in Florida left 17 dead yesterday.

Which is why many fans are baffled by the timing of the Instagram post above.

To be fair, the photo was posted by Jenelle’s husband, David Eason.

But since Jenelle is the one who’s been famous for over a decade, many feel she should be the one to realize it’s a bad time for a gun-glorifying tweet.

"My babes a bad ass babe! Happy Valentine’s day! #targetpractice #valentinesday #safetyfirst," Eason captioned the pic.

Jenelle Eason, David Eason Photo

Needless to say, the image didn’t go over well:

"Shooting guns … just after a shooting in Florida," one fan tweeted in response. "Good timing."

"I love y’all but come on!!!!!!! 17 KIDS KILLED TODAY IN A SCHOOL SHOOTING AND THIS IS WHAT YOU POST???!!!" another commented.

"Pro gun/anti gun, this is insensitive at best," she added.

"This is so insensitive. I’m blown away by how clueless you are," remarked a third.

Eason has deleted all the comments on the photo, but not the photo itself.

In response to the controversy, Jenelle tweeted, "Bad timing."

Social media controversies are not uncommon for Jenelle, but it seems she doesn’t realize that this case is more severe than most.

On Twitter, fans have begged her and David to remove the photo out of respect to the children who lost their lives and their families.

For reasons that defy explanation, the couple refuses to budge on this issue.

Some have slammed the couple for what appears to be a total lack of concern for grieving families.

Dave and Jenelle Eason

Others have argued that with Jenelle’s criminal history she shouldn’t even be allowed to possess a firearm.

And some have simply pleaded with the Easons to demonstrate some common sense:

"Remove the pictures from social media and keep them for you guys, privacy is a wonderful thing sometimes," tweeted one fan.

"The memories will still be there whether other people know about them or not.

Makes perfect sense – but if there’s one thing the Easons have never been persuaded by, it’s good sense.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more idiocy from Jenelle and David.