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Ever since the world learned that Michael Phelps was expecting baby #2, fans have eagerly awaited the child’s birth. Now, that wait is over.

On Monday, February 12th, 2018, Nicole Phelps gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

See this precious boy’s photos below with his mom, his dad, and his older brother, Boomer.

Michael Phelps, Pregnant Nicole Phelps, and Boomer Phelps
Photo via Instagram

Michael Phelps is now a father of two!

Now, as we all know, Michael Phelps lives in the ocean, but swims upstream and into freshwater in order to spawn.

Michael Phelps can lay hundreds of eggs at a time, but only a fraction of them will make it back to the ocean.

Wait … that’s salmon. Our confusion is understandable.

(And no, Michael Phelps’ children don’t battle each other in the womb so that only one emerges alive after devouring its siblings; those are sand tiger sharks).

No, despite his proficiency in swimming, Michael Phelps is still a human and so are his wife and two sons.

Nicole Phelps, Boomer Phelps, Baby Beckett Richard Phelps
Photo via Instagram

Michael Phelps shared this image of his wife, Nicole, his son Boomer, and his newborn son, writing:

"Magical moments yesterday… Nicole and I would like to introduce Beckett Richard Phelps to the world!"

Congratulations to their whole family!

"We had a healthy baby boy and a healthy mama."

Remember, we can’t take it for granted that every birth is healthy. Not even for folks who can afford the best health care in the world.

"I truly do feel like the happiest man in the world. Being able to build our family to now 4 (6 with doggies) is so incredible! #familyof4now"


Michael Phelps, Baby Beckett Richard Phelps, Boomer Phelps
Photo via Instagram

And no, that’s not the only photo.

Boomer Phelps’ Instagram account shared this image, accompanied by a caption that he almost certainly did not write but may have dictated with some parental guidance:

"I am officially a big bro!!! All I wanna do is hold him! I can’t wait til I get to teach him so many cool things about the world!! #bigbro"

This must be so excited for Boomer.

His face is visibly lighting up with excitement and wonder in every photo.

Nicole Phelps, Boomer Phelps, Baby Beckett Richard Phelps, Michael Phelps

(Older siblings can become just as overwhelmed with affection as parents can; oxytocin impacts kids, too)

Nicole shared a photo of her own:

Nicole included this sweet caption:

"Our family grew by 1 yesterday [red heart emoji] meet Beckett Richard Phelps. I’m surrounded by boys and I couldn’t be happier."

She followed that with three teal heart emojis.

Michael Phelps and Boomer Phelps
Photo via Instagram

The couple announced that they were expecting back in August. Since then, Michael Phelps has used the #BabyShark tag when talking about his wife’s pregnancy.

It’s both adorable and on-brand.

Michael and Nicole’s first son was born in May of 2016, when he and Nicole were engaged.

Boomer is now just 21 months old.

Opinions on how far apart in age children should be tend to vary, but most people agree that just about two years of difference is great.

That’s enough for kids to attend the same schools for more years than not and perhaps even share the same interests.

Some kids aren’t enthused about sharing their parents’ attention, but Boomer seems delighted to be an older sibling.

Congratulations to the Phelps family!