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For millions of men around the Internet who did not get what they wanted for Christmas, Cardi B took to social media on Tuesday and seemed to make up for whatever they were lacking.

In other, far more clear words:

Cardi B on Stage

The singer appeared to be having intercourse with fiance Offset during an Instagram live session.

How else were followers to interpret what they were seeing?

In the racy footage, the 25-year old "Bodak Yellow” rapper appeared with the Migos member and very much looked like she was stark naked.

Offset stood behind Cardi B and thrusted his pelvis region at her, as if his penis was entering her vagina in a position commonly referred to as "Doggy Style."

“I don’t got no more in me left. You gotta give a whole hour," Cardi B can be heard telling her man.

The strong implication here?

The couple had just had sex and she needed a break before they did so again.

Cardi B Sex Tape?

Sorry, gentlemen. This is not a photo of actual Cardi B banging.

So… jackpot, right?

A Cardi B sex tape to end the year?!?

Not exactly, despite the nearly visible drool one could see emanating from many accounts on Twitter.

A rep for Cardi told TMZ that the stars weren’t actually engaging in sexual activity; they were just joking around, basically playing a joke on anyone gullible enough to fall for their sexy shenanigans.

The singer later wrote on her Instagram Story;

“I was fully clothes on live, I was not f–kin on live! Yaaa can’t be that slow."

Cardi B on the Red Carpet

The seemingly scandalous video surfaced just two days after Offset was accused of cheating on Cardi B, to whom he proposed on stage during a Power 99 FM concert in Philadelphia on October 27.

On Sunday, the website Fameolous published a video of a man who looked like Offset … in a hotel room … with a nude woman who was definitely NOT Cardi.

The clip was recorded in September and allegedly obtained after someone hacked into Offset’s iCloud account.

This fake sex tape was Cardi and Offset’s way of getting back at the culprit and of letting the world know everything was great between them.

Tweeted Cardi B in response to the attempt at blackmailing her:

People keep posting the nude videos of me like if i wasn’t a stripper before. You know there’s videos of me stripping with my titties & ass out on YouTube already right?

anyways i know i know i got a nice body right.

She does.

And a pretty great sense of humor.