Meghan McCain vs. Ana Navarro: It Got Ugly on The View!

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Ding! Ding! Ding!

It was very much on Monday between Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro, as the latter made a guest appearance on The View and the former disagreed with her vehemently on the topic of immigration.

Meghan McCain on The View

Without getting too deeply into the political weeds, this is a subject on the minds of many Americans these days.

In March, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is set to expire, which would leave 800,000 immigrants open to deportation.

These immigrants came here legally as children and have essentially known no other native country except for the United States.

They are documented and they pay taxes and lawmakers on both side of the aisle have said they wish to extend the program in order to protect the status of DACA recipients.

Alas, no legislation to do so has been passed.

And the Senate just approved a government funding bill that did NOT address this pressing matter.

That's the backdrop for the heated argument that took place yesterday between McCain and Navarro.

Ana Navarro

Following a three-day shutdown, McCain argued that the Democrats were in the wrong for trying attach a DACA bill to a funding bill.

"It is not intellectually honest to say this is completely [Donald] Trump's fault," she said, explaining her side as follows:

"Democrats are playing partisan politics in the exact same way. DACA is a very emotional issue, I agree with you Ana, this should be an easy layup on both sides because of how popular it is.

But to sit here and say that this government shutdown has anything to do with my or the Republican party's love for the troops is just intellectually dishonest."

The panelists had previously gone back and forth about how military would not be paid for work during the shutdown.

"You have another month to figure out DACA in March," McCain continued, attacking Navarro for referring to herself as a Republican.

And it was this remark that really set Navarro off.

"I'm a Hispanic immigrant Latina," she said, elaborating on why this issue is so personal to her.

"I was brought to this country when I was 8 years old. My parents fled communism and it was not my decision to come here.

"Had my parents not had visas, had my parents not had the resources to hire lawyers, I would be a Dreamer kid too. That's why it's personal."

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As you can see above, Twitter users were watching the exchange play out in real time.

And they had plenty to say about it.

McCain, however, mostly just said the same thing.

She wants to see the DACA recipients stay in America, she just believes that issue is unrelated to any funding of the government.

"It is attached to a spending bill. We have another month to figure this out," she emphasized, adding:

"It is partisan politics and government obstructionism at the very worst.

"By the way, my father and Lindsey Graham, also your very good friends, have been at the forefront of DACA.

"Please don't insinuate to me that I'm not on the side of DACA!"

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With that, the program went to commercial.

When it returned, McCain remained nearly silent for two full segments.

And opinion on social media really did seem divided over just who won this debate.

On the pro-McCain side:

#TheView Meghan McCain is a good addition to The View. Her perspective as a conservative is very much needed for a healthy debate. She's very serious & committed to her beliefs & references facts when she makes statements.

On the pro-Navarro side:

Ana is brilliant - the way she took down Meghan was superb - producers need to make Ana permanent and also fire Meghan because she’s so so unlikable and just rude #TheView.

And so here is the question: On whose side do YOU fall?

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