Derick Dillard: Most Americans Are Bigots, Just Like Me!

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Back in November, Derick Dillard was fired from his in-laws' reality show in connection with a series of shockingly transphobic tweets.

Derick's target was fellow TLC reality star Jazz Jennings, star of the show I Am Jazz. Dillard slammed the show repeatedly, unprovoked.

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Just the same, Derick's bosses at the network were clearly hesitant to give him the ax, as they offered him several chances to apologize.

Dillard refused, and instead chose to continue bullying Jennings on social media, doubling (even tripling down) on his polarizing opinions.

He referred to the teen as "brainwashed" and reiterating his view that she stars in a reality show that "represents an unreality."

In the months since Derick was canned from Counting On, he's made several efforts to weasel his way back on the air.

All the while, though, he's refused to simply apologize for his unprompted, personal attacks on a teenage girl.

Derick Dillard, Awful Haircut and Cookie Dough

First, Derick claimed he wasn't fired at all.

Then he claimed the decision to leave the show was his and that his wife, Jill Duggar, would be leaving the show along with him.

Now, the father of two seems to have finally reached the acceptance stage, but he's still twisting the narrative to suit his needs.

These days, Derick is rebranding himself as a First Amendment freedom fighter, a brave spokesman for a silent majority that exists solely in his mind.

As In Touch Weekly points out, Derick has been defending his comments in social media conversations with fans that shed light on how highly he thinks of himself.

Derick Dillard and his boys on Christmas

“I’m glad Derick was fired from Counting On. Enough is enough with all of his nonsense," a fan commented on one of the Duggars' Instagram posts this week.

The remark prompted this curious reply from Dillard:

"My view is no different than most Americans, but I just mentioned it…” 

So ... he has been fired?

Like, you can't play the "I was canned because of my views!" card in one breath and still insist that you left the show by choice in the next.

That's not how being a bigoted martyr works.

Also, what is this "most Americans" nonsense?

Did Derick use his sudden abundance of free time to travel the country polling people about their views on Jazz Jennings?

We doubt it.

Otherwise, he likely would have found that most people have no ill will toward Jazz, but do harbor very strong views about Derick Dillard showing up at their door unannounced.

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